Why Use GRP for Roofing Features?

Construction, Roofing, Home, Office,Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is a light, durable and tough constructional material which can be molded and fabricated into all manner of products. It is a composite of a resilient durable resin with an immensely strong fibrous glass. Polyester resin is used as the main component and is reinforced with glass fibers to form GRP.

The characteristics of a very strong and light weight construction material are particularly relevant when designing roofing features. GRP is chemically inert and corrosion-resistant and it also offers high levels of water resistance and will not buckle or distort in high temperatures. However, the greatest advantage of GRP over conventional materials is that it can be designed as a whole self supporting structure that can also be easily lifted into position and installed using minimum man power.

Using GRP thus saves time and reduces installation costs and maintenance fees making it an excellent roofing material.

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