Why green constructions are steeply priced

green constructions Green constructions are mainly named as green buildings or sustainable buildings. These structures are built using processes that are benefitting for sustainable development. Starting from the interiors to operations to constructions are taken care off using this process.

The concept of green construction complements the design, durability, economy, utility and comfort of a building. Along with that, these kind of buildings help in reducing pollution, environmental degradation and wastes.

The biggest issue with green constructions is that it requires a lot of economy in implementing the same.

The modern technologies used, the appliances, photo-voltaic are very expensive. Maximum green constructions have a premium more than 2%. But, they can yield 10 times more durability and sustainability. The basic economic curve in case of green construction is between the upfront cost and the life cycle cost. Studies over 20 years have shows that some green constructions have produced some $53 upto $71 on every square foot of investment.

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