Why granite flooring is hard to beat

Granite Flooring, Home Construction,There are many reasons why granite flooring is hard to resist. The granite being the most durable and hard can be used for flooring of every room but the kitchen floor must be granite. The granite floor doesn’t require much look after; just a simple sweep and mop can keep it shining. A wash with stone soap once a week is enough to maintain it. As it is very hard, it will endure fall of any type of heavy utensils or tools and will not get damaged. The spills are common in kitchen but a granite floor doesn’t suffer due to it.

The personal taste and amount of human traffic naturally dictate the type of flooring used but granite floor can be used anywhere and it will never go out of fashion. Granite has many colors, designs and patterns to suit everyone’s choice. Granite floors can increase the beauty of the interiors manifold.

There is just one disadvantage that it can get scratches by quartz. The sand, which comes inside the house with the shoes, contains quartz and they can scratch the granite floor. It can be avoided if the floor is swept regularly.

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