Why choose granite over flashy accessories

It is wrongly believed by many that granite with its ‘not in’ look and high installation charges are not a good choice for home décor. They instead go for flashy accessories like wrought iron. What they do not realize is that these flashy accessories are not very durable and hence becomes quite a hassle. In fact, once you have invested on granite décor, you will not need to invest much anymore on care and maintenance. Since granite is a natural material which has undergone many phases of evolution, it is hard and durable. This means that they are obviously long lasting! It is not easy to scar granite as it is heat resistant and scratch resistant.

Even if you do get a scratch, repairing it is quite easy. Another plus point is that it is less costly compared to the other natural stones. As for the aesthetic value, nowadays granite comes in different colours and various designs. Moreover symbolizing wealth, granite has a classic touch to it.

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