White House- a beautiful piece of construction

White house is a thing of beauty. History suggests that it had been expanded by 30 percent in its blue print on suggestion of rev. George Washington. James Hoban, its architect, thought of myriad buildings, holding influence that time, prior to starting his construction efforts. Château de Rastignac and Leinster House were his inspiration at the time of putting up this great architectural monument. The building had to look dignified as well as beautiful, elegant as well as resplendent, solemn and yet awe-inspiring. Quite remarkably, it possesses all these exemplary qualities.

White House is built in white sandstone. Rose and garland and fish scale orientation is a piece of artistry. Cost came in between and thus the house was relegated to a size one-fifth of the originally visualized one. Rice glue, lime and lead have strengthened the sandstone walls on all sides. The white house was built in 8 years starting from the year 1792.

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