Types of Steel Bars


In general, steel bars are categorized into two. These include deformed and mild steel bars. The mild ones are mainly used to make slab beams that require reinforced cement concrete. They are usually plain and are available in round sections. These sections vary in diameter and can be between 6mm and 50mm. They are usually manufactured as long rods but they can be easily cut or bent without getting damaged.
The deformed type of steel bars usually has ribs, deformations or lugs on the surface. They are used to reduce slipping in concrete. The tensile stress on these bars is higher compared to the mild steel bards. End hooks are not necessary when you are using the deformed steel bars. They usually measure between 6mm and 50mm in diameter. Deformed steel bars are preferred because they limit cracks in reinforced concrete and thus are recommended for use in structural engineering.

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