Types of Marble Tiles

Marble has been used for constructions since time immemorial. It not only looks elegant with the variety of designs and colors but is also pretty durable. The first type of marble tiles would be the glazed type. They have a supremely polished surface which is why they can easily resist water based stains. They show scratches very easily. They look very elegant and shines almost like a mirror. These tiles do not even need a wax finish.

The second type of marble tiles is known as honed tiles or more commonly unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles are not very highly polished giving out a matt look. These tiles are scratch resistant and therefore good for areas with higher footfalls (in case of flooring).They can not resist water stains as well as glazed marbles and will need a wax polish for the function. Finally we have the tumbled type where the marble has been tumbled with aggregate and sand. Tiles are chipped and rounded and therefore add an old world charm to your room. Decide on the kind of look you want and then make your choice!

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