Tips on how to build a staircase

Staircase building techniques have remained unchanged over years. There are certain stringent norms that need to be followed while building a staircase. It must be ensured that there is a headspace of at least six feet, eight inches. An angle of inclination between 35 degrees to 40 degrees needs to be maintained to make it convenient for one to climb up the stairs. If the angle exceeds 40 degrees, the staircase becomes too steep to be climbed.

A depth between 10 inches to 11 and half inches and a width of 3 inches needs to be kept. Before cutting a stair, the dimensions need to be measured quite a few times to ensure no mistakes. A staircase should not be made of any slippery object and no water source should be made around the staircase. Clear space of 3 feet must be kept at both the ends of the staircase to ensure free mobility.

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