Techniques To Repair Leaky Faucet

Ways of repairing leaky faucet

Tips of repairing leaky faucet

Whether it is the irritating dripping sound which wakes you up at night or a mini pool under your sink, a leaky faucet is that minor problem which can easily turn out into a major problem if it is not taken care or handled properly. If you are also having similar issue then repairing leaky faucet should be in your priority list and you should work on it before it turns out into something really big and problematic. Repairing leaky faucet is really simple and easy and you can do it by yourself also. If you are intending to save some bucks then you can go for repairing leaky faucet yourself. If you are new to this, you will definitely need some help. Some are some of the easy and effective techniques to repair a leaky faucet.

Things needed

  • O rings
  • Penetrating oil
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement washers

Steps for repairing leaky faucet

  • Ensure that you are not making the situation even worse by making one of the biggest mistakes of not turning the water supply off. Before even you apply screwdriver or wrench to any of your fixture, make sure you turn off the main power supply. Missing this part out will make your bathroom or your kitchen like a mini pool and leaving a lot of cleaning work behind to do. For switching off the main water supply, you need to find a handle which would most probably over the sink. There would be a knob under it which would be controlling the water which is coming from the main line.
  • If there is any decorative part on the handle knob then get rid of it while repairing leaky faucet. A general prying by using a flat head screwdriver will be proper to remove that while repairing leaky faucet. Under every knob, a screw will be placed for handling the stem. Remove this screw very gently and then also remove the handle by using the flat head. If you are making use of penetrating oil then it will make to loosen the fixtures and easily take the handle of the faucet off the stem.
  • Loose the packing nut by using the packing nut. After that you will see the stem, remove it as well. Based upon the type of faucet, certain stem will pop up right away while the others will twist from the valve. Have a look on the removed parts to check for any damage.
  • While repairing leaky faucet, if everything is okay at this point then you would have to inspect the O ring and the washer which is placed inside the valve seat. This can be one of the causes of your leaky faucet. Get rid of the washer and put up a replacement in the seat. This will probably repair leaky faucet.
  • It’s difficult to get the exact fit for the replacement and hence it is advisable to take the old one to the home improvement and ask for the similar one to get exact fit without any issue.

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