Permaculture for a Landscaping Makeover

Construction, Landscape, PermaculturePermaculture refers to the maintenance and design of ecosystems that are agriculturally productive and have the resilience, stability and diversity of more natural ecosystems.

It is where landscape and people interact, to provide both non-material and material needs such as shelter, energy and food. And all this is done in an ethical and sustainable way. Permaculture actually tries to utilize nature’s own methods of creating a sustainable system that is both sufficient and homely to its inhabitants.

With permaculture designs, you can try and make your garden look as natural as possible while at the same time putting in a mix of human element. These can include wide pathways and also some perennial food crops. This means that you can create an environment whereby plants, animals and humans can interact and get along together.

You might also decide to use polycultures, plant guilds and rain gardens to meet your target.

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