Landing space for small apartments

home improvement, home careIf you have a small apartment and you don’t find enough space for your stuff or landing space, then here are a few tips, which will help you, do all that without having to go for larger furniture or extensions. Many people who live in small apartments complain they don’t have enough landing space. When you come back, you mostly feel tried and groggy and would like to leave your purse, coat or somewhere nearby. This place is called a landing space.

If you don’t have any furniture, or tabletop you might use the space on your walls. Have a few hooks of various sizes or a series of hooks on one board in a decorative way and hang keys, coats, hats and bags or purses when you come home. Make sure that this board or hooks are in an area, which is near your door. Keep back the things when you freshen up without having to hunt them all over.

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