How to build a house in an eco-friendly manner

Are you planning to build your own house? You also should be concerned about how to make it environment friendly. Try earth bag building. It is an age old technique to build houses which can face harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, tornados and even us resistant to fires and insects or pest attacks.

Making the main building out of earth and mud is a cost effective, easy and efficient way to build a home which is eco friendly. You can give your home and shape or structure you like. For the pole frames, you can use just the barks of the trees instead of actually suing the whole tree wood. This way, you can save a life as the bark would grow again and you too and go along with your framework.

For the flooring, use tampered earth flooring. They are cheap and they dry fast too. For the walls, use earth plaster. They are cheap and also need very low maintenance.

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