How does sun help in construction

Sun is the ultimate ball of energy, Why construction? Sun helps every molehill that dots the mountainside. Sun has a great role for construction too. Its elementary role is in providing sense of direction. Construction efforts are softened and geared up seeing the direction of sun. while constructing, sun provides heat to the gavels, pebbles, cement, bricks and other raw material that help them to intermix more freely.

Industrial hygienists suggest that sunlight helps in photoemissions that kill any bacterium percolating in the environment of raw materials thereby rendering it greater strength. Lastly, there is a psychological reference which suggests everything is more sanguine in presence of sunlight. Construction work can get extremely monotonous and after a while, only sun can keep the spirits soaring. It also adds great sense of color to a house when it is being painted. Its dimensional evaluation can be done better in presence of sunlight. What color would refract in what way, so on and so forth. Lastly, presence of sunlight implies lack of weather reverses.

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