How are Tiltwall Buildings Constructed?


Tiltwall projects start with carrying out some groundwork on a site and pouring slab. Footings are also installed near the slab before the panels are installed. Wooden pieces are assembled to create forms for the panels. These forms are used as molds when making the panels. The forms have to be reinforced using steel grids. At this point, embeds and inserts are installed to help lift the panels and attach them to each other, the footing and roof system.

Once embeds and inserts are in place, any standing water and debris on the slab has to be cleaned so that concrete can be poured inside the forms to make panels. When the panels have solidified, they are lifted using cranes and attached on the footings using embeds. After the erection of all the panels on the buildings, finishes are applied to the walls by painting or sandblasting and then work on the interior begins.

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