Helpful hints of natural stone tiles

Natural Stones, Home Construction, Office ConstructionThe natural stone tiles are found in different colors, structure, tone and variety. To increase their durability, the stone tiles need following care:

The natural stone tiles should be mopped and swept regularly as grit, stone or dirt can damage them.

Place door mats and rugs to reduce the entry of dust through shoes.
Mild and non abrasive cleaning agents should be used to clean the natural stone tiles.

Never use lemon, vinegar or acid to clean these tiles.

In bathroom apply non acidic scum removing agent and rinse with clean water.

Apply penetrating sealer in the kitchen tiles. This will create a barrier so that the strains don’t penetrate inside and become permanent.

The strain can be removed by sanding the stone tile again.

At the outdoor stone tiles you can apply a mild bleach to clean it. Remove the built up moss regularly for better care of tiles.

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