Eco-Friendly Construction

Construction, Green technology, Eco Friendly,Eco-friendly construction, also known as green building, is building of structures that are resource efficient and harmless to the environment. It calls for the use of local and renewable materials and has developed as a response to the knowledge that buildings often have a negative impact on our environment.

Architects and builders worldwide are now using construction techniques that have been developed in response to local environmental concerns and the physical resource opportunities available, coupled with modern technological refinements.

These buildings range from rammed earth construction, which involves clay-based material mixed with water and suitable in hot and dry climates, to straw bale houses since straw is a great insulator, a breathable material that filters the air passing through it, and is fire-resistant when compressed as well as being low cost. Others include earth ships, which use recycled car tires filled with earth as the buildings walls and the semi-permanent nomadic tents of Inner Asia, that utilize local wood, wool and canvas.

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