Durability of floor tiles

Floor Tiles, Home ConstructionThe floor tiles are available in many different materials, styles, design and colors. The ceramic tiles either glazed or unglazed. The glazed tiles have a coating of surface finish through high temperature. It is easy to have color and texture to the glazed ties. The floor tiles chips or break before installation. Once they are installed properly, they rarely break unless some heavy objects hit them. They may have structural break if substrate is moved.

The ceramic tiles can last lifetime if they are installed properly. The unglazed tiles don’t show wear and tear much but glazed tiles can have scratches and durability depends on the human traffic using them. The manufactures rates the durability of the tiles in 6 categories. Rating 0 is for walls and rating 5 tiles are the heaviest traffic sustainable tiles. The rating 3 floor tiles are suitable for all type of residential floors. You check the tile rating before installing them for best results.

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