DIY tips to fix your bathroom door

Bathroom is the most important and the most risky place of the home. It is a place where most of the accidents occur. People slip and fall easily in bathroom due to the wet slippery floors. The door of a bathroom is a very vital point which requires lot of attention.

The bathroom door is the most used door and also the door which gets wet easily. Thus, in order to prevent the door from getting ruined you should keep a check that the door does not get wet. The door should be easily unlocked from both the sides. If the door cannot be easily unlocked, then it will not allow you to provide the medical assistance required in time of any accident.

The bathroom door needs a lot of care as the door should be clean. You should always make sure that no fungus type substance appears on the door. A good quality muriatic acid and toilet cleaners must be used to clean the door at least once a week. So if the door looks dirty, it disturbs the beauty of the home.

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