Comparison between laminate and hardwood flooring

When it comes to flooring options, both hardwood and laminate flooring are good choices. But each is quite different from the other in terms of longevity, cost and durability. So what to choose as the perfect flooring material for your dream home? Few points of differentiation between the two alternatives will make the decision making process much simpler.

When it comes to installation, laminates are much easier to install as they use an interlocking procedure to stick together to the floor. But wooden ones don’t work in a similar way and hence can be tricky to install. But the situation reverses when durability and longevity is taken under consideration. Real hardwood floors are much more durable that laminates. But if not taken care of properly and regularly, hardwood floors lose their texture, shine and color.  But if regular maintenance is not possible, it is always better to stick to laminates, which require much less care.

Besides all these factors, cost is quite a big consideration too. Hardwood is much more expensive than laminates, thus installing a hardwood floor can be pretty pricey. Thus keep your constraints in mind and choose wisely and enjoy your band new floor.

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