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Consult architect before buying a home for proper ventilation

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The requirement of proper ventilation in modern day houses cannot be neglected. It’s of utmost importance, and therefore consultation with an architect is a necessity while buying a home, in order to check for proper ventilation.

Before you buy a home, you need to be in touch with a reputed architect. He would tell you the need of a ventilation system in a house in order to maintain a proper healthy living environment. There should be constant supply of fresh air, with equivalent outflow of stale and polluted air.

The architect can also guide you regarding the optimum amount of humidity level that should be there in the house, as too high a humidity can hinder the ventilation process and can give rise to mildew, moulds, rots and dust mites, which can be a serious headache. The architect also advices you to install air exchangers, kitchen and bathroom exhausts, dryer vents etc. so as to facilitate smooth ventilation.

Ventilation Aspects in a New Construction

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Ventilation, ConstructionIf you are planning for a new construction, then one of the major concerns for you must be the ventilation aspects. Most of the experienced builders and architects know how important these are for any home. That is why they give serious consideration to the placement of windows and doors. Another thing that is of great importance is the size of the windows you want in your rooms. If you are choosing to have big size windows, they will surely give you more ventilation.

If the ventilation is not sufficient in your home, then you will require to spend lot of money on artificial systems such as heaters and air conditioners, which will be very expensive even on the long run. Your architect will construct the ventilation as per the size of your rooms. In addition to all this, the homes that are being constructed now-a-days also include fire escape to add to the security of the home. Make sure that this aspect is also involved in your home.