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How to pick the perfect tile kitchen

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

kitchen tiles, kitchen decorAre you looking for the perfect tile for your kitchen space? Well, choosing kitchen tiles involve certain considerations and here is a brief discussion on that.

The primary thing to remember here is your kitchen ambience. Your culinary space presents a heated up atmosphere and hence you have to go for the tiles that are capable to bear heat without expanding much. Besides, kitchen tiles often get caked in oils and soot and hence make sure that your chosen tiles would be able to cope up with these issues.

It’s ideal to go for granite tiles for your kitchen countertop. The countertop is the place where most of your culinary activities like cutting, chopping or cooking that can lead to stains and scratch on the tile surface. The granite tiles are heat, stain and scratch resistant. Moreover, you will get them in different colors and textures to match up with your kitchen décor.

Types of Marble Tiles

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Marble has been used for constructions since time immemorial. It not only looks elegant with the variety of designs and colors but is also pretty durable. The first type of marble tiles would be the glazed type. They have a supremely polished surface which is why they can easily resist water based stains. They show scratches very easily. They look very elegant and shines almost like a mirror. These tiles do not even need a wax finish.

The second type of marble tiles is known as honed tiles or more commonly unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles are not very highly polished giving out a matt look. These tiles are scratch resistant and therefore good for areas with higher footfalls (in case of flooring).They can not resist water stains as well as glazed marbles and will need a wax polish for the function. Finally we have the tumbled type where the marble has been tumbled with aggregate and sand. Tiles are chipped and rounded and therefore add an old world charm to your room. Decide on the kind of look you want and then make your choice!

Durability of floor tiles

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Floor Tiles, Home ConstructionThe floor tiles are available in many different materials, styles, design and colors. The ceramic tiles either glazed or unglazed. The glazed tiles have a coating of surface finish through high temperature. It is easy to have color and texture to the glazed ties. The floor tiles chips or break before installation. Once they are installed properly, they rarely break unless some heavy objects hit them. They may have structural break if substrate is moved.

The ceramic tiles can last lifetime if they are installed properly. The unglazed tiles don’t show wear and tear much but glazed tiles can have scratches and durability depends on the human traffic using them. The manufactures rates the durability of the tiles in 6 categories. Rating 0 is for walls and rating 5 tiles are the heaviest traffic sustainable tiles. The rating 3 floor tiles are suitable for all type of residential floors. You check the tile rating before installing them for best results.

Decorating with patterned bathroom tiles

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Bathroom Tiles, Home Construction,The bathroom is the place where one spends a lot of time yet this room is mostly neglected when it comes to its decoration. The bathroom has mainly three areas, the mirror and sink region, the shower area and the toilet area. Mostly the bathroom decoration includes matching tiles and towels only but patterned tiles are the best option for beautiful looking bathrooms.

As most of the patterned tiles are expensive than the regular tiles, people hesitate in putting them. The patterned tiles come in numerous colors and patterns and can increase the aesthetics of any bathroom. There are flowered patterns and other types of symmetrical and asymmetrical. Sometimes the patterned tiles may look overwhelming in the bathroom which is small. There one can use patterned tiles of one’s choice as border to the regular tiles. Bathroom should never have white tiles as they can be spoilt easily and will give sterile looks.