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Rain Gutter Systems for Home Construction

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Rain Gutter, Home ConstructionFor home constructions, problems with the rain gutters are usually related to poor rain gutter installation. If your home is a tall building, then scaffolding will be required to install the rain gutter properly. Sometimes, the construction companies may also try installing them from the roof directly, bypassing the need of such scaffolding, but in this method, more risk is involved and it also does not guarantee the quality and accuracy of the installation.

Some points that you must keep in mind while considering rain gutter systems for home construction are that the downspout should be installed for running of the gutter, one-piece offset elbows should be used in place of two-piece ones, the vertical pipe should have maximum three turns, non-vertical downspout pipes should be avoided, the gutters or downspouts should never go out onto the roof surface or into the roof valley and minimum two pipe bands should be used for each downspout.