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What Are Prefabricated Building Materials

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Construction, Pre Fabricated Building MaterialThese are construction materials specifically designed to be manufactured off site but later brought on to the real site. They are made up of factory built components which are assembled away from the main location. The most considered types are the Galvavolume and the Galvanized steel. Steel coated with aluminum zinc are the most commonly preferred prefabricated building materials. They prevent corrosion, fire and rust from destroying the building. This greatly reduces the construction cost.

Fabricated building materials are commonly used in the military buildings to improve on the security. The builders normally combine both cloth and metal materials when flooring. These materials are very durable and can easily be assembled. The ceiling is commonly made up of frames, beams, walls and roofs of steel.

Most commonly used fabricated materials are fiber glass, concrete, steel and aluminum. They are given consideration because of the hardness..