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Lighting for your bathroom

Monday, August 9th, 2010

There are several needs that your bathroom fulfills, for example, make-up application in the mirror, baths and more. So lighting for your bathroom should involve taking care of several needs.

Task lighting is the kind of lighting you will need to accomplish the specific tasks at hand while you are in the bathroom. For example, application of make-up will require lights around your vanity. These lights are switched on only when they are required. They are not to cast shadows, and mostly vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror do the deal.

The basic lighting of your bathroom is something you can take care of yourself – but the rest of the lighting of your bathroom involves lighting of the decoratives, ambience, vanity and recessed lighting, to give your bathroom the glamorous look. You can use chandeliers, low-watt bulbs, wall-sconces and more to help you accomplish the decoration of your bathroom.

Lighting Trends in Home Design

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

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Lighting trends are changing as architects come up with new home designs. Today lighting is not just about the illumination or providing light in a home. Lighting trends are dependent on what one wants to achieve. It may be to create a certain atmosphere in the interior of given house types. Lighting trends have another aspect of heightening the aesthetics of a piece of artwork. Lighting trends portray a personal expression.

The trends in lighting are more personalized. There is a diversity of choices in the market for lighting types. They are of different shapes and sizes. Your home design will be a guide as you set a trend for yourself. Lighting trends are going along with the architectural designs of homes. The personal trend leans towards getting classic lighting system as well as being in a position to afford them. You can make impressions with this latest trend in lighting.