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How to install furring strips to concrete walls

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Construction, ConcreteInstalling furring strips to concrete walls is a pretty easy job which can be done even by a layman with a little knowledge about it. The furring strips are installed to sheetrock the concrete walls. You need a few kiln dried studs, fluted nails for concrete and nail glue.

The studs are to be placed along the wall to its complete height. Apply glue on the bottom plate or on the wider side of the stud and adhere the stud to the wall. Use drill with masonry bit to make holes on the bottom plate. The holes should be at a distance of 16” and penetrate the concrete wall and mallet the nails in the drilled holes. Once the bottom plate is installed, then start with the walls. The vertical studs are to be placed in the same manner. Once the glue sets properly, you will have installed furring strips on the concrete walls.