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Process Of Replacing A Shower Head

Thursday, February 9th, 2017
Replacing your shower head

Changing your shower head

Each one of us would love to have that feel where after a long and tiring day, there is this stress relieving hot shower. Hot water running from our body is anyhow very much invigorating and soothing. It releases our stress and makes our body feel relaxed. When you have this hot water running through shower head, the feeling is ten times more. When all this water comes out of the shower, it would be millions and billions of gallons of water coming out and going to the drain. All this water would be heated first before coming out. Now if you have a leaky shower head or have any other issue with your shower head, then just imagine how much amount of water you would be literally wasting. You must consider replacing a shower head if there is any such issue with it. While replacing a shower head make sure to have the new shower head with less flow.

Replacing a shower head with the one with less flow will save lots of water and also save up on your water bills. If you had a shower head with low flow and it was not at all good as to have to run around for getting your body wet and the flow was restricted very much, then you don’t need to worry about that now. In today’s time the new showerhead which is low flow are designed in such a manner that despite of being low flow, you will not feel restriction in water flow and you will be able to use it comfortably without any issue. One of the added benefits of replacing a shower head of today’s technology is that they are not much expensive. Here are the steps for replacing a shower head.

  • Get rid of old showerhead

The first and the foremost step of replacing a shower head is to get rid of the old one. This step of replacing a shower head is really easy. You just need to unscrew the old shower head which is connected to the water supply. Firstly check out the under part of the shower head. If you find any small screws over there then remove it. Majority of the shower heads can be removed by hand only but it is not moving then you can make use of a wrench or pair of vise grips and remove the screws. Make sure you are turning it very gently and hold on the water supply when you are removing the screws of the shower head. Make sure you are giving sudden jerk and breaking the supply pipe.

  • Attach new shower head

The spot from where you removed the old shower head, new shower heard should be placed at the same spot. Put the new shower head there and then screw it. Make sure to put up some pipe dope or tape for securing it. Place this on the water supply line thread. Ensure that there are no drips on the shower head.

Techniques To Repair Leaky Faucet

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
Ways of repairing leaky faucet

Tips of repairing leaky faucet

Whether it is the irritating dripping sound which wakes you up at night or a mini pool under your sink, a leaky faucet is that minor problem which can easily turn out into a major problem if it is not taken care or handled properly. If you are also having similar issue then repairing leaky faucet should be in your priority list and you should work on it before it turns out into something really big and problematic. Repairing leaky faucet is really simple and easy and you can do it by yourself also. If you are intending to save some bucks then you can go for repairing leaky faucet yourself. If you are new to this, you will definitely need some help. Some are some of the easy and effective techniques to repair a leaky faucet.

Things needed

  • O rings
  • Penetrating oil
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement washers

Steps for repairing leaky faucet

  • Ensure that you are not making the situation even worse by making one of the biggest mistakes of not turning the water supply off. Before even you apply screwdriver or wrench to any of your fixture, make sure you turn off the main power supply. Missing this part out will make your bathroom or your kitchen like a mini pool and leaving a lot of cleaning work behind to do. For switching off the main water supply, you need to find a handle which would most probably over the sink. There would be a knob under it which would be controlling the water which is coming from the main line.
  • If there is any decorative part on the handle knob then get rid of it while repairing leaky faucet. A general prying by using a flat head screwdriver will be proper to remove that while repairing leaky faucet. Under every knob, a screw will be placed for handling the stem. Remove this screw very gently and then also remove the handle by using the flat head. If you are making use of penetrating oil then it will make to loosen the fixtures and easily take the handle of the faucet off the stem.
  • Loose the packing nut by using the packing nut. After that you will see the stem, remove it as well. Based upon the type of faucet, certain stem will pop up right away while the others will twist from the valve. Have a look on the removed parts to check for any damage.
  • While repairing leaky faucet, if everything is okay at this point then you would have to inspect the O ring and the washer which is placed inside the valve seat. This can be one of the causes of your leaky faucet. Get rid of the washer and put up a replacement in the seat. This will probably repair leaky faucet.
  • It’s difficult to get the exact fit for the replacement and hence it is advisable to take the old one to the home improvement and ask for the similar one to get exact fit without any issue.

Tips To Organize Your Garage

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Organizing your garageGarages are tending to become the dumping ground of your whole home. Garage are the big open space and thus they are easy target for the suitcase which does not fit in your closet, those skates which your son no longer use, those Barbie and dolls which your daughter no longer play with, the sewing machine which you no longer take into use and many other such things. When a place is full of so many stuffs it will become mess and organizing it becomes very important. Hence you must be a prop and make proper efforts in organizing your garage.  Organizing your garage is really a easy task if done with right tips and tricks and conversely organizing your garage can be really challenging task if not done with right tips. There are many things involved in organizing your garage and as you do it very occasionally, considering all those things is really very important. Here are some of the tips which will help you to organize your garage like a pro.

  • Use vertical and ceiling space more

This rule becomes really very important if you have a plan to actually park your vehicle in your garage. While sure that you have enough space to park your vehicle properly without running onto any stuff or hitting any stuff. This is very important tip while organizing your garage. The primary objective of garage is to park your vehicle properly and not to store your useless stuff. Thus while organizing your garage, try and put your stuff away from the floor. Also keep focus on the point that you need to make your garage look good and presentable when the door is open. Thus organize your garage in a way which looks good when the door is open.

  • Take everything out of your garage

When you look at a space which is full of stuff, you cannot get a exact idea as to how to do and what to do to make this mess organized and when you see a place like a blank canvas ideas start coming to your mind which will definitely help you to organize your garage in most perfect manner you can. While you take everything out of your garage, you also get to know, what are all those stuff which is making your garage so much full and messy. You can also find your lost things surprisingly while organizing your garage.

  • Decide what to keep and what to throw

While organizing your garage, you will come up many things which are not at all needed and it will uselessly blocking up space in your garage. Thus decide what to do with all those things. If these things are total crap then throwing them is a nice option, if they are useful but not to you then consider donating them. You will also come across certain things which are expensive but of no use so you can consider selling them also and generating some revenue out of it.

Modern Home Windows

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Windows are an essential part of a house. They can be installed in different ways and for different purposes. The main purpose of a window is air circulation inside the house. Today there are various materials which are used to make windows. However wood is always preferable when it comes to making windows. One of the main reasons why wood is preferred over other materials is because it can be carved and given any shape which you want. The modern home windows can be categorized into different types.

• Sash windows– they are the most common windows that you will see in the modern times. The cost of installing sash windows is affordable and they are available in several types such as sliding windows, triple hung sash, double hung sash and single hung sash.
• Tilt and side– this is one of the most popular type of windows that can be seen nowadays. This style has reached in almost all the countries and the best part is they are not too expensive to install. With this type of window you will be able to tilt and slide the window at the same time. It is best for drawing rooms and kitchens.
• Casement window– this is basically a side hung kind of window. They are better known as hopper and awning windows.
• Skylight– this type of window is flat in shape or in some cases they are sloped. They are mainly used for skylight purposes. Homes that have solar cells have been seen to use this type of window.
• Painted and coated- this type of windows are especially made in the countries where the temperature is high. The windows are coated or painted in order to reduce the heat radiated from the sun. The big windows in the churches are best examples of this kind of windows.

Glazed Windows For Maximized Energy Saving And Warmth

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Glazed WindowsIf you are seeking out a new look for your home or making an emergency repair after a storm or damaging incident, new glass and frames can give your home a bold new look, and save you money on your utility bills too. If you are still undecided about whether or not to undertake that home improvement project, consider whether these benefits make the investment worthwhile.

Triple paned windows are an investment worth considering if you live in an area where seasonal temperature variations make indoor climate control vitally important. Typically, there is an inert gas such as krypton or argon between the three panes to increase its insulating properties. Shimming and insulation around the edges will ensure that hot and cold air stay in your home and don’t seep out through cracks or crevices. Additionally, you will have the benefit of less condensation, as well as protection from not only the elements, but noise pollution as well. With triple planes, you can get a quiet, cozy place to call home.

There’s another intangible benefit to having new, up-to-date windows in your home: security. With advances in technology come sturdier locking mechanisms, shatter-resistant panes, and sturdy glass laminate surfaces. Some high-tech models can even trigger your home security alarm in the event of breakage. You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the latest technology available working for the safety of you, your loved ones, and your property.

Another significant benefit of window replacement in your home is the increase in property value. Having a bright, well-lit house is a major boon as far as homebuyers are concerned.

Landing space for small apartments

Friday, June 28th, 2013

home improvement, home careIf you have a small apartment and you don’t find enough space for your stuff or landing space, then here are a few tips, which will help you, do all that without having to go for larger furniture or extensions. Many people who live in small apartments complain they don’t have enough landing space. When you come back, you mostly feel tried and groggy and would like to leave your purse, coat or somewhere nearby. This place is called a landing space.

If you don’t have any furniture, or tabletop you might use the space on your walls. Have a few hooks of various sizes or a series of hooks on one board in a decorative way and hang keys, coats, hats and bags or purses when you come home. Make sure that this board or hooks are in an area, which is near your door. Keep back the things when you freshen up without having to hunt them all over.

Tips On Dealing With Complaining Tenants

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

House rent, home rentingOne of the most important things to deal with when running a rental real estate property is tenants. Tenants can have a very bad habit of making rent payments late and hassling with rent. There are some who tend to change face over time and react differently at different times to get their benefits. It is a good practice to get rent details in written before allowing tenants to move in. The tenants need to be absolutely clear about all the deals and agreements made over the rented property and no questions regarding these should be left unanswered after the tenant moves in.

The other problems with tenants are that they expect managers to deal with their problems with other noisy tenants. When taken to court they fail to testify against their neighbors and this puts the manager in tight spot. When dealing with this the tenants need to file lodge a complaint at the law enforcement agency in the region. This helps get the court moving against the troublemakers.

Cost effective plaster repair tips

Monday, January 21st, 2013

If your home is aging and there is need to repair dents or cracks on the plaster, then here are some easy tips for temporary and permanent solutions. You can use latex to fill out the gap and smoothen it out for a temporary solution. It smoothly blends in onto the surface and makes the crack look like it’s repaired. But this is a temporary solution.

If you want a permanent solution, here is what you have to do. First of all, scrape out the loose portions and grime from the crack. Smoothen out the edges as much as you can but be gentle so that you don’t increase the crack. A utility knife is best for all such work. Use plaster of Paris to fill the gap or crack. Then use latex to cover it. If you think it’s not enough put a layer of latex again and smooth out the surface, use paintbrush to color the area with the same color as that of the wall. Use shine latex to finish the job.

Beveled glass replacement for your home

Monday, January 7th, 2013

The process of the replacement of beveled glass is almost same as other different varieties of glass. THE beveled glasses are kept in place with the help of sling trip molding molting pieces all around the parametric area. The angle must be measured thoroughly for better fittings. This installment can be done with other shapes like oval too.
The several steps it includes in the procedure of replacement are:

1. Prying: the process of prying is all same for the oval shape too. Firstly put the tip of a knife under the curve at any place around the area of the meeting point of glass and wood.
2. Removing: this includes pushing the glass from the back side.
3. Preparing: this process includes fixing. Firstly cleaning and even gluing even when needed.
4. Installing: this is the final step which initially includes the process of float.

An account on installing windows

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Our house is our prized possession and the primary element of a simple house is the door and windows. One can live in a shabby and unpainted house but to stay in a house sans windows and door is impossible. Windows are important as they not only enhance the aesthetic value of the house but also act as a protector of the residents. Most of us remain happy to use glass windows. Now they can break anytime due to numerous reasons. Now, it is always better and advisable to know the art of installing new windows.

Firstly you should know where to go to buy apt window glass. Now, you can evidently go for slider windows also. There are various tactics and steps to go about installing windows. Firstly unblock the coverings by opening the screws. Thereafter, fix the glass inside it gently, ensuring that you don’t break and hurt your hands. At last, it is recommended to call a professional and learn from him.