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Green Home decor ideas

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Green Home decor ideasDecorating your home or remodelling it doesn’t require you to hire a designer and invest large sums of money. All you need to do is think creatively to design a home that is stylish yet comfortable. Start by adding various green plants and floral arrangements to give your room a lighter less crowded appeal. The options are limitless, from a low maintenance plant to an artificial flower arrangement. These artificial plants appear no less real than actual plants.

Strategic lightning completely transforms the look of your room from screaming lights to softer and sober ones. Inculcate ornamental and floor lamps that radiate warm and cosy environment. You don’t necessarily have to buy new furniture to give your room a makeover. Rearrange the settings, shift the places of the decorative items and by doing this your room will acquire a new look. Proper color also affects the mood and the situation.

Green office development ideas

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Green office ideas,  Green ConstructionThe newest trend is to go green with homes and the offices. You have to make certain changes in order to go green and it is not always an easy job to make the changes. The first thing you need to do while going green is making a plan of action. An effective way would be changing your source of paper. Regular paper comes from a place that harms the environment badly.

Therefore, changing the source of your paper supply to a sustainable option can be a very good idea. There are lots of companies producing paper and you should not have a tough time finding an ethical paper office. The paper company should be a part of the program of forest certification. You could use ink that is vegetable based. These are the little things that you can take care of and contribute to the cause of saving the environment in a large way.

All about environment friendly construction material

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

With the unfavourable outcomes of environmental degradation rising uncontrollably, the inclination towards going green has become quite popular. This preference towards building a sustainable environment hasn’t left the construction business untouched either.

Contemporary and reputed construction agencies show more keenness nowadays towards eco friendly construction materials to do their part in building a greener plant. You will be amazed to know that every part of your house including your floors, walls, counter tops, cupboards and even your wall paints can be given a touch of green thanks to the modern eco-friendly building materials.

Instead of using chemical paints for you walls you can now go for the natural alternatives using plant extracts to paint your walls. You do not need to fret about messing up your walls, as these natural colours have similar outcomes like the regular paints. For your walls and floor, you can go for recycled and eco friendly materials like cork, recycled glass and tiles, natural stones, bamboo etc. Besides these construction materials you can go green whilst decorating your house too using eco- friendly rugs, carpets, etc.

What is green architecture?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Green architecture in short refers to s sort of construction which is sure to have no harmful effects on the surrounding environment. Approaches to green construction are several. The primary aim of a green architect is to offer you with a sort of an edifice which would in no way be a threat to pollution free existence. For this the building materials which are used are essentially organic compounds which have been combined with latest technology to create a zero harmful effect. For instance, the usage of a solar panel is a well thought example of green architecture.

Such a kind of a panel along with a storage tank is capable of storing energy for several electrical requirements like cooking, maintaining a comfortable temperature range and proper running of several electrical appliances. Collection of vat is again an essential element of green architecture. In this way you can collect rain water to be used in matters like growing crops, watering of the lawn and day to day purposes like bathing, drinking and cooking. Proper placement of doors and windows for apposite ventilation is also a commendable aspect of green architecture. However, the ultimate motto of this entire concept is to stay green and healthy.

Eco-friendly commercial construction

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

You can always spend money for an eco-friendly commercial construction. Being environment friendly in the field of architecture is becoming an extremely well known and well accepted concept. In some places you are even exempted of certain taxes when you opt for an eco-friendly commercial edifice. For this you need to get help from an expert constructor who is well acquainted with the mantra of constructing a commercial building with the help of environment friendly materials.

Such a construction can gift you a pollutant free environment and thus it is a guarantee that when you breathe you are inhaling something absolutely pure and fresh. In this way you are also preserving non-renewal materials and energy. When going for such a construction it is a must for the building agent to make sure that the materials being used for the construction are not harmful for both existence and surrounding environment. Thus, the rightful use of eco-friendly materials will surely help you enjoy an apposite unadulterated life.

Green Home Construction

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Green Home ConstructionWith the world going green, green home construction is all in vogue. According to a recent research, it has been stated that about 10% of the new homes to be constructed by 2010 will be green homes. The main purpose of green home construction is to provide a living environment that is not only healthy but cost-effective as well.

Green home construction must take into account several essential factors and all of them must be incorporates in the structuring stages only.

• You must only make use of eco-friendly raw materials.
• You should install a drip irrigation system rather than a sprinkler system.
• You should use windows that are double pane and comes with low emission.
• You should use wooden frames for housing windows so that insulation can be enhanced.

All these factors will help you in building the perfect dream green home.

Green homes outperform conventional homes

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Green Homes, Home Construction, Home ImprovementThe green houses are better than conventional homes anytime as they save a lot of energy when energy crises is the main problem faced in the world. They also save the earth from global warming as green homes don’t need to chop down the trees.

The facing of building can also help in keeping the construction green. The doors and windows need to be built in such a way that the house receives the natural ventilation and light. This will reduce the electricity bills and the consumption of energy will be less.

The use of Insulated Concrete forms (ICF)is The facing of building can also help in keeping the construction green. The doors and windows need to be built in such a way that the house receives the natural ventilation and light. This will reduce the electricity bills and the consumption of energy will be less.

The use of Insulated Concrete forms (ICF) and other green alternative building materials like Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) can be a wise decision. . SIP is manufactured with resin and wax which is then compressed.

One can use green building alternatives to save the planet.

Rise in Green Building Trends Today

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Construction, Green Building, Eco FriendlyThe USA green building trend is vastly growing and is taking the world by storm. Whereas before when there were only a few green real estate developments, today this trend in sustainable development has expanded to whole communities and neighborhoods as well. Eco-friendly designs and materials of green building have made two-thirds of US builders to constructing greener homes.

With the chemical gases in the rise today’s green construction has faced up to this pressures climate change, rising home building material costs and increasing instances of natural disasters. A widespread trigger has helped the adoption of sustainable home design and construction methods. Green building has provided

the opportunity to conserve energy and water, improve building operations and enhance the health and well-being of the global population. More over the green represents a tremendous market opportunity, as it grows rapidly to represent an increasing share of the global growing

Green Alternative Building Materials for Homes

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Construction, Green Tech, Eco FriendlyWhen construction costs for ordinary buildings begin to bite, contractors seek alternative ways. They switch to eco friendly buildings that are complete with energy saving facilities. Green materials enhance a home design where pollution is past tense.

Here there are no dirty energy sources that down grade the environments with emissions. Some homes use generators that emit dark smoke to the air. But a snap reaction from people close to natural houses is an interesting one. As it is, the fight against non environment buildings is taking centre stage.

And every individual wants the green house designs that are taking the world by storm. Renewable construction materials are many. What it means is that green homes are comfortable and represent a class of it’s on. Environmentally fit homes are the way to go. Building new homes the green way is pointedly healthy and wise.

Environmentally Friendly Building Products and Practice

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Construction, Building products, Green Tech, Eco Friendly construction,Environmental friendly building products have been for a long time proved to be safe for use. The green features are the best and preferred to be economical. You don’t have to go for the expensive building materials as they can appear more risky.

The green building product are the most friendly creating the best protection ever. In Hong Kong the use of the speed pumps, lamps, and the in-house networks are common. This has drastically increased the market for the products.

Water proof coating products have been proved to be durable products just as one produced in the chemical industry. Other environmental friendly products like tile and terra cotta are equally good and their production rate are effective.

The practice that goes into achieving this has totally been approved to be safe reliable. There is no need going for expensive building product when you can achieve the safe practiced with these products.