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Granite colour options for your kitchen

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Are you in the process of constructing or remodelling your kitchen? There are a number of options available for kitchen countertops & tiles but granite stands unparalleled. It scores above others in terms of strength, durability & low maintenance making it a financially viable choice. Furthermore, granite makes the kitchen look strikingly beautiful & immaculate.

The icing on the cake is that there is an extensive range of colors to choose from. Based on the color scheme or theme of your kitchen decide on the appropriate colors. In addition, you may want to coordinate the countertop color with the kitchen cabinets and appliances. You can pick a color that blends in with the décor or a conspicuous shade which defines the look of your kitchen.

Within each color there are umpteen variations available and selecting the right color becomes a daunting task. But this can be easily tackled with some careful thought and planning of your kitchen décor.

Why choose granite over flashy accessories

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

It is wrongly believed by many that granite with its ‘not in’ look and high installation charges are not a good choice for home décor. They instead go for flashy accessories like wrought iron. What they do not realize is that these flashy accessories are not very durable and hence becomes quite a hassle. In fact, once you have invested on granite décor, you will not need to invest much anymore on care and maintenance. Since granite is a natural material which has undergone many phases of evolution, it is hard and durable. This means that they are obviously long lasting! It is not easy to scar granite as it is heat resistant and scratch resistant.

Even if you do get a scratch, repairing it is quite easy. Another plus point is that it is less costly compared to the other natural stones. As for the aesthetic value, nowadays granite comes in different colours and various designs. Moreover symbolizing wealth, granite has a classic touch to it.

Choosing a Natural Looking Decomposed Granite Driveway

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


When you are designing your driveway you may want to consider designing that drive way using decomposed granite over concrete. It usually gives the driveway a natural look. The natural look however will depend mostly on the decomposed granite that you used. It is also known to last for years and requires minimum maintenance.

The pieces of decomposed granite are the size of sand. Large pieces will give more texture to your drive. However, the small piece provides a smooth surface. You should choose the best color that suits your drive way. You can use one color for the main part of the drive way and another color for the other portions. When you mix the decomposed granite with resins, it allows you to stabilize the drive way. The solid bed for the driveway should be dug up four inches thick to give optimum results.

Liquid Granite: Building Material of the Future

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Liquid granite is preferred over concrete for various reasons. It does not explode like concrete when exposed to high temperature. In addition, it had been known to be able to withstand high amounts of temperature for longer periods of time. In addition it mainly made up of recycled material. Liquid granite is so used less amount of cement than concrete.
The product is available from liquid granite limited and was developed at the Sheffield Hallam University. Organizations using granite have given it a four fire rating in case of a fire. Its versatility allows it to be used places where fire safety is paramount. This includes homes and commercial buildings. Liquid granite has received favorable interest from people in the building industry. It is made up of 30 to 70% of recycled materials. Liquid granite will go a great way in ensuring that our homes and buildings are much safer from fire.

Helpful hints of natural stone tiles

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Natural Stones, Home Construction, Office ConstructionThe natural stone tiles are found in different colors, structure, tone and variety. To increase their durability, the stone tiles need following care:

The natural stone tiles should be mopped and swept regularly as grit, stone or dirt can damage them.

Place door mats and rugs to reduce the entry of dust through shoes.
Mild and non abrasive cleaning agents should be used to clean the natural stone tiles.

Never use lemon, vinegar or acid to clean these tiles.

In bathroom apply non acidic scum removing agent and rinse with clean water.

Apply penetrating sealer in the kitchen tiles. This will create a barrier so that the strains don’t penetrate inside and become permanent.

The strain can be removed by sanding the stone tile again.

At the outdoor stone tiles you can apply a mild bleach to clean it. Remove the built up moss regularly for better care of tiles.

Why granite flooring is hard to beat

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Granite Flooring, Home Construction,There are many reasons why granite flooring is hard to resist. The granite being the most durable and hard can be used for flooring of every room but the kitchen floor must be granite. The granite floor doesn’t require much look after; just a simple sweep and mop can keep it shining. A wash with stone soap once a week is enough to maintain it. As it is very hard, it will endure fall of any type of heavy utensils or tools and will not get damaged. The spills are common in kitchen but a granite floor doesn’t suffer due to it.

The personal taste and amount of human traffic naturally dictate the type of flooring used but granite floor can be used anywhere and it will never go out of fashion. Granite has many colors, designs and patterns to suit everyone’s choice. Granite floors can increase the beauty of the interiors manifold.

There is just one disadvantage that it can get scratches by quartz. The sand, which comes inside the house with the shoes, contains quartz and they can scratch the granite floor. It can be avoided if the floor is swept regularly.

Natural beauty of granite countertops

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Granite, Home Construction,The natural beauty of granite is unmatchable and the countertops built of granite enrich the beauty of your kitchen. The granite is one of the oldest rock-types that is available therefore it can be trusted completely for its durability. The countertops built with granite are better than the natural stone countertops. The granite countertops are easier to install and have a long life. The granite countertops have a natural shine which can’t be matched with any man-made products. The unmatched finish comes through the polish. The granite is polished using diamond abrasives for the ultimate finish. The polish of the granite countertops is virtually forever.

The granite countertop may be a bit expensive but later it becomes cheaper as there is no maintenance cost. Some people may not like granite because the seams can be easily distinguished but that is a small amount to pay when you compare the beauty and durability of granite countertops with others.

Design your home with granite products

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Home Construction, GraniteGranite has been in use in construction since time immemorial. The granite is an igneous rock which is very strong and durable. Granite products are used in kitchen and other countertops, floors and staircase. Granite is used in both commercial and domestic purposes. Molded products using granite are used in construction of staircase. These are very beautiful and increase the look of the overall construction. Columns of the house are also constructed with granite. The granite columns provide a unique look to houses due to their vibrant colors and looks. Though initially the granite columns may be a bit expensive but in long run they turn out to be cheaper. The reason being they don’t require maintenance or coloring. Moreover the granite columns are more resistant to natural hazards than cement columns.

Thus if you are planning to construct your house, try granite products for life long beauty and durability.