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Flexible Concrete for Home Foundations

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Construction, Concrete, Home Foundations,When building a home or home addition, the question frequently comes up on whether concrete blocks or poured concrete should be used in constructing the foundation walls. Flexible concrete for home foundations will depend among the various building material the builder will use, and the home construction costs

There are Standard concrete blocks that contain hollow cells designed to support rebar steel reinforcing rods, as well as poured concrete/mortar, to

maximize wall strength. Besides the standard size concrete block there are a number of alternative sizes, shapes, textures and color tones to choose from.

Flexible concrete block home foundations can be constructed by home owners with some basic masonry knowledge and back strength. The basic masonry knowledge can quickly and easily be obtained through a number of resources. If the concrete blocks are properly filled with concrete and rebar during the wall construction, a very large thermal mass is created.