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Tips on Selecting Floor for your Home

Monday, January 16th, 2017
Different types of Flooring options

Different flooring options

Selecting floor for your home is a practical aspect. It helps in adding a charm top your home design that can add up a sense of styling and pattern from room to room. But, it can be exciting for the home owners because there are lot more things to consider. We all have different ideas about various type of flooring for our home, what they actually entail and how much amount they cost to you, but selecting flooring for your home without even exploring its types? Nah, not a good idea actually! It might become harder for the home owners to decide, which type of flooring option is suitable to your home and which is not. Here is the list of the tips to consider while selecting floor for your home.

Things to consider while selecting floor for your home:

  • Budget is the most important factor to be considered while selecting floor for your home. With the wide range of flooring options in front of you, it’s advisable of factoring out budget in your own way that will help you in making a perfect match for your home.
  • Price is important, we all know that what we really want is a low priced flooring option that is best suitable in our home. It’s advisable of keeping a little more space in your budget regarding the flooring option. And if you’re seeking for a low priced yet beneficial flooring style for your home, head towards installing hardwood floors.
  • They are cheap enough and highly durable in nature. Which room you’re going to install the floor in? How much flooring materials you need? It highly depends upon these questions because there are different types of flooring styles designed for different rooms.
  • For example, bathroom flooring options, living room and bedroom flooring options and kitchen flooring options are highly distinctive in nature from each other. The flooring in bedroom should be enough comfortable and warmer as compared to other room flooring installed.
  • Also think about your lifestyle that it will be supportive to your flooring option or not? If you’re having kids or pets at your home, the floor should be subject to easily maintained and cleaned one. And if your floors at your home face lots of traffic areas, it’s advisable of installing a highly durable type of floor at your home.
  • Don’t forget to ad up the style and décor factor in your list while selecting floor for your home. The flooring style you’re selecting should match up with the rest of the interiors of your home.
  • In addition of thinking of those how the floor will appear, also think for the comfort zone. How you want to make your feet fell while you’re walking on the floors. Check for the sustainability of your flooring option you’re selecting.
  • There are many eco-friendly options available in the flooring types that the home owners can opt for. Going green is a good concept for having a greener inside of your home. Install certified recycled wood that is highly environmental friendly in nature.

How to Restore a Water Damaged Wooden Floor

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Water damaged wooden floorWood floor is considered top the basic and the base thing which is installed in the house and where we walk and do our routine work. The importance of floor in our routine is far more as compared to other things in the home. So it is important to maintain your wooden floor. But sometimes it is observed that due to any disaster or the situation of flood in the criteria, there are chances that the wooden floor gets damaged and the cost factor increase for the home owners by replacing the whole flooring.

Water damage can cause much more to the wooden floor because of the accumulated water on the surface of the home, the wood which placed and installed in the floor gets damaged and spoiled. This effect can create more of cost expenditure for the home owners. This article will instruct you to how to restore a water damages wooden floor by your own or with the concerned help of the professional contractors.

How to Restore Water Damaged Wooden Floor

  • The first and the foremost thing which the home owners must perform as their core function in the maintaining of their damaged wooden floor is to dry it up as fast as possible and don’t let the mold or the algae get accumulated on the surface of the wooden floor. If the mold takes place than it can create many of the problematic situation for the home owners.
  • There are different ways which can be helpful for the home owners to deal with the water damaged wooden floor and the easiest way amongst all the methods of drying up and restoring your wooden floor is to buy rented large fans which can be placed in the area where the wooden floor is installed in the home. By doing this the possibility of drying up the entire wooden floor and restoring it can be easily and quickly possible which will be more helpful for the home owners. All the windows which are installed in the house must be opened and if you have AC in your house than do on it for quicker effect of restoring your wooden floor.
  • All the unwanted parts or the remaining which have been damaged due to the accumulated water on the wooden floor must be removed and by doing this it will give a finishing touch to your floor. The wooden floor will look more managed and restored than before. With the help of open and pure air which will travel in the home with the help of opening the windows and the doors will create a soothing effect to the wooden floor and the floor will get dry faster than expected.
  • It is advisable to also ventilate all the basement area because the base of the wooden floor is connected with your basement and if the basement is properly restored than the wooden floor will be more easy and comfortless for the home owners to maintain the wooden floor which is damaged due to the accumulated water on the floor.

How to place tiles in your kitchen by yourself

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

If you think that you kitchen is looking outdated and ugly, you can use tiles to give it a brand new look. And if you want to save yourself a few bucks then you can do the job yourself. However the most important work is to select the tiles.

Before you start tiling, you will need to do some primary work. You will have to clear off the surfaces that you want to tile, remove the sink and detach the plumbing. You may also need to turn off the power if you need to work around the electrical outlets. Next make the foundation for the tiles with cement backer board or plywood.

Before tiling you will have to do a dry run and mark the cuts that are needed. After cutting the tiles, wet the foundation with thinset using a trowel, apply thinset on the back of the tiles and lay them and place the grout makers. You can remove the grout makers after the thinset has cured.

Comparison between laminate and hardwood flooring

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

When it comes to flooring options, both hardwood and laminate flooring are good choices. But each is quite different from the other in terms of longevity, cost and durability. So what to choose as the perfect flooring material for your dream home? Few points of differentiation between the two alternatives will make the decision making process much simpler.

When it comes to installation, laminates are much easier to install as they use an interlocking procedure to stick together to the floor. But wooden ones don’t work in a similar way and hence can be tricky to install. But the situation reverses when durability and longevity is taken under consideration. Real hardwood floors are much more durable that laminates. But if not taken care of properly and regularly, hardwood floors lose their texture, shine and color.  But if regular maintenance is not possible, it is always better to stick to laminates, which require much less care.

Besides all these factors, cost is quite a big consideration too. Hardwood is much more expensive than laminates, thus installing a hardwood floor can be pretty pricey. Thus keep your constraints in mind and choose wisely and enjoy your band new floor.

All about engineered wooden flooring

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Engineered Wooden flooring is an excellent option if you are looking to install flooring in your house. It isn’t artificial and definitely more durable than laminate and is less expensive and as good as hardwood.

Its main features are its increased strength and durability. Its topmost layer is pure hardwood and the bottom layers are ply alternating in their grain orientation to multiply the strength.

Since it is immune to moisture you could even use it in your bathrooms and kitchens. The flooring can be glued or nailed or floated unlike pure hardwood. It comes in various finishes like oak or maple.

These products are finished before-hand and you can use them soon after installation, also, they are a green option and eco-friendly. They are an investment in the true sense of the word.

Unlike laminate which has to be replaced if scratched, engineered wooden flooring can be sanded like the traditional hardwood and hence are easy to maintain and long lasting.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a very popular and practical choice. You will have a lot of variety to choose from, so feel free to take your time.

Types of Marble Tiles

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Marble has been used for constructions since time immemorial. It not only looks elegant with the variety of designs and colors but is also pretty durable. The first type of marble tiles would be the glazed type. They have a supremely polished surface which is why they can easily resist water based stains. They show scratches very easily. They look very elegant and shines almost like a mirror. These tiles do not even need a wax finish.

The second type of marble tiles is known as honed tiles or more commonly unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles are not very highly polished giving out a matt look. These tiles are scratch resistant and therefore good for areas with higher footfalls (in case of flooring).They can not resist water stains as well as glazed marbles and will need a wax polish for the function. Finally we have the tumbled type where the marble has been tumbled with aggregate and sand. Tiles are chipped and rounded and therefore add an old world charm to your room. Decide on the kind of look you want and then make your choice!

Marble flooring: an elegant choice

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

You want to get the most perfect flooring for your house and surely you will get a lot of variety that might actually confuse you in making your final choice. So to avoid all this confusion and problems prioritize your options and pay attention to some basic requirements.  If however you are looking for elegant flooring options, and then the answer to this is marble flooring. You will get marvellous results.

Marble flooring requires little maintenance and they are easy to clean. Most importantly, the variety available to you helps you to create different patterns and ambience with your selection in different rooms of your house, although you are using the same material for flooring- marble. Such are the advantages of getting marble flooring done. Apart from the elegance factor, marble flooring also adds a classy look to your house. Some varieties to mention are hang grey marble, Nero marquina and gold beige marble. So go ahead for the most perfect marble flooring.

Floor Plan Drafting Explained

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

This is among the services that a drafting firm will provide. Basically, drafting is the business of drawing. When we mention drafting technical drawing comes to mind. What is drawn in AEC is referred to as plans or blueprints. However, due to technology, drawings nowadays are being designed by CAD software’s. In that regard, the term blue print is no longer being used.

When we say floor plan drafting is the process of going to a structure and measuring the floor using a tape measure and a laser to mark out the distance. When using CAD software, you design the floor plan from the measurements that were collected. A floor plan is essential because it offers information about the square feet of the house. In addition, it is also useful when remodeling a room when you want to install new appliances. It includes the measurements for the door openings, bathroom fixtures and walls.

Why granite flooring is hard to beat

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Granite Flooring, Home Construction,There are many reasons why granite flooring is hard to resist. The granite being the most durable and hard can be used for flooring of every room but the kitchen floor must be granite. The granite floor doesn’t require much look after; just a simple sweep and mop can keep it shining. A wash with stone soap once a week is enough to maintain it. As it is very hard, it will endure fall of any type of heavy utensils or tools and will not get damaged. The spills are common in kitchen but a granite floor doesn’t suffer due to it.

The personal taste and amount of human traffic naturally dictate the type of flooring used but granite floor can be used anywhere and it will never go out of fashion. Granite has many colors, designs and patterns to suit everyone’s choice. Granite floors can increase the beauty of the interiors manifold.

There is just one disadvantage that it can get scratches by quartz. The sand, which comes inside the house with the shoes, contains quartz and they can scratch the granite floor. It can be avoided if the floor is swept regularly.