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Liquid Granite: Building Material of the Future

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Liquid granite is preferred over concrete for various reasons. It does not explode like concrete when exposed to high temperature. In addition, it had been known to be able to withstand high amounts of temperature for longer periods of time. In addition it mainly made up of recycled material. Liquid granite is so used less amount of cement than concrete.
The product is available from liquid granite limited and was developed at the Sheffield Hallam University. Organizations using granite have given it a four fire rating in case of a fire. Its versatility allows it to be used places where fire safety is paramount. This includes homes and commercial buildings. Liquid granite has received favorable interest from people in the building industry. It is made up of 30 to 70% of recycled materials. Liquid granite will go a great way in ensuring that our homes and buildings are much safer from fire.

Rise in Green Building Trends Today

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Construction, Green Building, Eco FriendlyThe USA green building trend is vastly growing and is taking the world by storm. Whereas before when there were only a few green real estate developments, today this trend in sustainable development has expanded to whole communities and neighborhoods as well. Eco-friendly designs and materials of green building have made two-thirds of US builders to constructing greener homes.

With the chemical gases in the rise today’s green construction has faced up to this pressures climate change, rising home building material costs and increasing instances of natural disasters. A widespread trigger has helped the adoption of sustainable home design and construction methods. Green building has provided

the opportunity to conserve energy and water, improve building operations and enhance the health and well-being of the global population. More over the green represents a tremendous market opportunity, as it grows rapidly to represent an increasing share of the global growing

Green Alternative Building Materials for Homes

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Construction, Green Tech, Eco FriendlyWhen construction costs for ordinary buildings begin to bite, contractors seek alternative ways. They switch to eco friendly buildings that are complete with energy saving facilities. Green materials enhance a home design where pollution is past tense.

Here there are no dirty energy sources that down grade the environments with emissions. Some homes use generators that emit dark smoke to the air. But a snap reaction from people close to natural houses is an interesting one. As it is, the fight against non environment buildings is taking centre stage.

And every individual wants the green house designs that are taking the world by storm. Renewable construction materials are many. What it means is that green homes are comfortable and represent a class of it’s on. Environmentally fit homes are the way to go. Building new homes the green way is pointedly healthy and wise.

Environmentally Friendly Building Products and Practice

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Construction, Building products, Green Tech, Eco Friendly construction,Environmental friendly building products have been for a long time proved to be safe for use. The green features are the best and preferred to be economical. You don’t have to go for the expensive building materials as they can appear more risky.

The green building product are the most friendly creating the best protection ever. In Hong Kong the use of the speed pumps, lamps, and the in-house networks are common. This has drastically increased the market for the products.

Water proof coating products have been proved to be durable products just as one produced in the chemical industry. Other environmental friendly products like tile and terra cotta are equally good and their production rate are effective.

The practice that goes into achieving this has totally been approved to be safe reliable. There is no need going for expensive building product when you can achieve the safe practiced with these products.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Construction, Green technology, Eco Friendly,Eco-friendly construction, also known as green building, is building of structures that are resource efficient and harmless to the environment. It calls for the use of local and renewable materials and has developed as a response to the knowledge that buildings often have a negative impact on our environment.

Architects and builders worldwide are now using construction techniques that have been developed in response to local environmental concerns and the physical resource opportunities available, coupled with modern technological refinements.

These buildings range from rammed earth construction, which involves clay-based material mixed with water and suitable in hot and dry climates, to straw bale houses since straw is a great insulator, a breathable material that filters the air passing through it, and is fire-resistant when compressed as well as being low cost. Others include earth ships, which use recycled car tires filled with earth as the buildings walls and the semi-permanent nomadic tents of Inner Asia, that utilize local wood, wool and canvas.