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7 Eco Friendly Home Tips

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Eco Friendly Home TipsOf late everyone has joined the bandwagon to go green, with the negative effects of global warming being on the rise. Accessorizing you home with eco friendly accessories will not only hike up the fashion quotient but also will help in lowering your electricity bills. The key here is research. Undertake a detailed research pertaining to green home improvement techniques. If you are interested in turning your home into an eco friendly space, if so, read on for further info.

1. Need based replacement: Before you start with your green project keep one essential in mind, only and only if you need the new item, buy it, don’t go on replacing things just because you are going green. The important thing to keep in mind is that the process is gradual and you don’t need to buy everything at once. Otherwise you will be left with a huge hole in your pocket.

2. Light bulbs: If saving on your electricity bill is your motive at the moment, no other product can work better than fluorescent bulbs. These are much more energy efficient and will burn less power, hence will lower your monthly electric bill.

3. DIY tips: A fine way of going green and saving big is by picking up a DIY green projects. Be it a terrace garden or a landfill in your backyard. Take up a DIY project in hand to go green.

4. Literally going green: Literally go green by planting trees in your backyard. You can also you decorative plants as a home décor accessory to hike up the green quotient in your home. Money plants and ivies are fantastic add-ons to you décor which can give your home the feel of a tropical spa if done up properly. You can also use bamboo shoots as a table centre piece.

5. Green Accessories: While buying décor items go completely organic and pick recycled items to compliment your agenda. For instance the fabric you purchase should be cent percent organic. Stick to recycles paper bags, recycled plastic items and items which are environment friendly. Lots of options among rugs and curtains are available in the market, which are organic.

6. Reflective Insulation: A great way to save up on you electricity bill, reflective insulation will keep your home warm utilizing natural sunlight. Say no to heaters and switch to reflective insulation

7. Save Water: last but not the least, saving water in your day today life is one of the best possible ways of going green. Keep a check on activities where water is most wasted like, don’t let the tap running while you aren’t using it.

Why is green real estate becoming so popular?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

green real estate, real estateThe main concept of green real estate incorporates such houses where the energy consumption is the least possible. Also the materials and methods used to complete the entire real estate project are environment friendly. Provisions for alternative source of energy, mainly solar energy, is also provided in a so called proper green real estate.

There are many reasons for which the house owners as well as the investors are insisting on the green real estate. First of all in the present scenario where the protection of the environment is the main motive, you are expected to be in the good books of the government of the place.

Also green estate investors are expected to get tax benefits on behalf of the government.

Moreover many expenses are lowered in green estate. Likewise, since the energy consumption is made the least possible and also the provisions solar energy or other non conventional sources of energy brings down the electricity bills thereby saving a huge amount of money.

Tips on hiring an eco friendly contractor

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Are you planning to hire a professional contractor to paint your house and give it a revamped look? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, here is a piece if advice. Hire an eco friendly painting contractor. If you are wondering how you can find an eco friendly painting contractor, read on.

First, make a list of all the professional painting contractors who work in and around your locality. Once you have the list, check out the websites of each of the contractors featured in the list. If a painting contractor does his job in an eco friendly manner, he will definitely mention it on his website. You can take your pick from such contractors. Second, after you shortlist a few eco friendly contractors, try and get in touch with people who had hired them previously. Talk to these people and ask them about the kind of organic paints they used.

Why green constructions are steeply priced

Friday, May 11th, 2012

green constructions Green constructions are mainly named as green buildings or sustainable buildings. These structures are built using processes that are benefitting for sustainable development. Starting from the interiors to operations to constructions are taken care off using this process.

The concept of green construction complements the design, durability, economy, utility and comfort of a building. Along with that, these kind of buildings help in reducing pollution, environmental degradation and wastes.

The biggest issue with green constructions is that it requires a lot of economy in implementing the same.

The modern technologies used, the appliances, photo-voltaic are very expensive. Maximum green constructions have a premium more than 2%. But, they can yield 10 times more durability and sustainability. The basic economic curve in case of green construction is between the upfront cost and the life cycle cost. Studies over 20 years have shows that some green constructions have produced some $53 upto $71 on every square foot of investment.

Green Building materials are here to stay

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Of all the building constructions all over the world, more than half of them account to greenhouse gas emissions. The use of green building materials have come into play henceforth leading to the use of environment friendly materials during constructions.

Buildings made of green materials that are environment friendly offer several advantages. They offer less maintenance and replacement expenses and helps in high energy conservation. It improves the building occupant’s health and overall productivity. Besides, it lowers the costs that are associated with altering space configurations. Due to the advantage of such a color, great flexibility in designs can be extracted.

Since green building materials promotes conservation of energy and renewable resources, disposal and wastage of energy resources are avoided. Green building materials are suddenly growing at a faster rate; even builders are recycling. Coal Ash is an environment friendly building substance. Their significance is humongous, and cannot be ignored keeping in mind the conservation of natural resources.

Make your own tree house

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Every kid should have a tree house. You should remember the days when you decorated your tree house, made it into a wonderful place and refused to get down from it. Do you want your kids to miss those beautiful memories? Don’t you want your kids to have such memories for their own? Then, start building them their own tree house following the below steps.

For any tree house, there are three structural parts – The Foundation, the walls and the other things. First of all, choose a tree in your yard which is young and strong. Make sure that it can hold at least 150 pounds by checking with some professionals. Then make sure you build necessary walls to make the tree house stand erect on the tree. Then choose proper wood for building the tree house and make sure that it is strong enough. Later, you can choose all the secondary accessories to make the tree house attractive

How to build a house in an eco-friendly manner

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Are you planning to build your own house? You also should be concerned about how to make it environment friendly. Try earth bag building. It is an age old technique to build houses which can face harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, tornados and even us resistant to fires and insects or pest attacks.

Making the main building out of earth and mud is a cost effective, easy and efficient way to build a home which is eco friendly. You can give your home and shape or structure you like. For the pole frames, you can use just the barks of the trees instead of actually suing the whole tree wood. This way, you can save a life as the bark would grow again and you too and go along with your framework.

For the flooring, use tampered earth flooring. They are cheap and they dry fast too. For the walls, use earth plaster. They are cheap and also need very low maintenance.

What is green architecture?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Green architecture in short refers to s sort of construction which is sure to have no harmful effects on the surrounding environment. Approaches to green construction are several. The primary aim of a green architect is to offer you with a sort of an edifice which would in no way be a threat to pollution free existence. For this the building materials which are used are essentially organic compounds which have been combined with latest technology to create a zero harmful effect. For instance, the usage of a solar panel is a well thought example of green architecture.

Such a kind of a panel along with a storage tank is capable of storing energy for several electrical requirements like cooking, maintaining a comfortable temperature range and proper running of several electrical appliances. Collection of vat is again an essential element of green architecture. In this way you can collect rain water to be used in matters like growing crops, watering of the lawn and day to day purposes like bathing, drinking and cooking. Proper placement of doors and windows for apposite ventilation is also a commendable aspect of green architecture. However, the ultimate motto of this entire concept is to stay green and healthy.

Eco-friendly commercial construction

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

You can always spend money for an eco-friendly commercial construction. Being environment friendly in the field of architecture is becoming an extremely well known and well accepted concept. In some places you are even exempted of certain taxes when you opt for an eco-friendly commercial edifice. For this you need to get help from an expert constructor who is well acquainted with the mantra of constructing a commercial building with the help of environment friendly materials.

Such a construction can gift you a pollutant free environment and thus it is a guarantee that when you breathe you are inhaling something absolutely pure and fresh. In this way you are also preserving non-renewal materials and energy. When going for such a construction it is a must for the building agent to make sure that the materials being used for the construction are not harmful for both existence and surrounding environment. Thus, the rightful use of eco-friendly materials will surely help you enjoy an apposite unadulterated life.

Aluminum Wastes to Be Converted To Commercial Use

Saturday, March 27th, 2010


Researchers all over the world are developing ways of turning aluminum waste material in use products. The industry has been found to produce nearly one million tons in terms of waste product. This usually translates to high cost to the aluminum products manufacturers. This cost is usually in terms of environmental liabilities and lands fill cost.

The aluminum waste is referred to as salt cake. It is skimmed from the aluminum metal during smelting. The researchers have said that they do not view the salt cake a waste product. In addition, they have added that with further processing it can be used to create some valuable products in the market. They are looking at way of developing a way of making waste to be used together with concrete in the building industry. It can be used as foaming agent. It will greatly benefit the industry.