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Resurface Your Pool with a Great Plaster Job

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010


Resurfacing older pools requires a specialized professional. It enables you to create a water tight seal for your pool. It also referred to as white cement and when properly done can last for more than twenty years. Plaster is known to degrade with time. It usually starts eroding on the corners of the pool. When you notice this happening then you know that plastering is necessary.

Pool plastering is quite a task and require careful planning. However, when you have the right tools and knowhow you can do the plastering yourself. It is rather obvious the first thing that you do when plastering is to drain all the water from the pool. Use a chisel to remove hanging pieces of plaster. Mix the white cement in a container and apply over the pool. After one day, you can apply another coating and apply a water sealant.

Liquid Granite: Building Material of the Future

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Liquid granite is preferred over concrete for various reasons. It does not explode like concrete when exposed to high temperature. In addition, it had been known to be able to withstand high amounts of temperature for longer periods of time. In addition it mainly made up of recycled material. Liquid granite is so used less amount of cement than concrete.
The product is available from liquid granite limited and was developed at the Sheffield Hallam University. Organizations using granite have given it a four fire rating in case of a fire. Its versatility allows it to be used places where fire safety is paramount. This includes homes and commercial buildings. Liquid granite has received favorable interest from people in the building industry. It is made up of 30 to 70% of recycled materials. Liquid granite will go a great way in ensuring that our homes and buildings are much safer from fire.

How are Tiltwall Buildings Constructed?

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Tiltwall projects start with carrying out some groundwork on a site and pouring slab. Footings are also installed near the slab before the panels are installed. Wooden pieces are assembled to create forms for the panels. These forms are used as molds when making the panels. The forms have to be reinforced using steel grids. At this point, embeds and inserts are installed to help lift the panels and attach them to each other, the footing and roof system.

Once embeds and inserts are in place, any standing water and debris on the slab has to be cleaned so that concrete can be poured inside the forms to make panels. When the panels have solidified, they are lifted using cranes and attached on the footings using embeds. After the erection of all the panels on the buildings, finishes are applied to the walls by painting or sandblasting and then work on the interior begins.

Ventilation Aspects in a New Construction

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Ventilation, ConstructionIf you are planning for a new construction, then one of the major concerns for you must be the ventilation aspects. Most of the experienced builders and architects know how important these are for any home. That is why they give serious consideration to the placement of windows and doors. Another thing that is of great importance is the size of the windows you want in your rooms. If you are choosing to have big size windows, they will surely give you more ventilation.

If the ventilation is not sufficient in your home, then you will require to spend lot of money on artificial systems such as heaters and air conditioners, which will be very expensive even on the long run. Your architect will construct the ventilation as per the size of your rooms. In addition to all this, the homes that are being constructed now-a-days also include fire escape to add to the security of the home. Make sure that this aspect is also involved in your home.

Use of Quartz Stone In Home Design

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Construction, Quartz Stone, Home DesignCurrent home designs are built using the quartz stone. It is man made and a better alternative to the natural stones. They are of many colors and can be cut into various shapes. The quartz stone is mostly used in the kitchen and in the bathroom. For the kitchen, you have an opportunity to combine all your favorite colors. Because quartz stone comes in many colors, you can choose those that go together with your home design.

For the bathroom, quartz is even better. Artwork can be demonstrated here. It is possible to create wonderful designs for the bathroom using quartz. The walls can be made of quartz stone all through. Unlike granite/tiles/stones used in construction, quartz is versatile. It is a marvel in home design because of its ability to be used in so many places in the home. This it does without monotony.

Tropical Interior Design

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Construction, Interior, Design,When you buy or move in to a new house, you will probably need to redesign it to suit your tastes. Home design can be fun but it is not easy and sometimes you might need professional help. The way you design the interior of your home matters a lot compared to other home areas since you spent a lot of time indoors. Tropical interiors design is the one you make to bring a tropical effect, characterized by hot climate, feel in the house.

The aim of this is to create a relaxing atmosphere and you just need to select the right color, pictures, and other materials for the design. The color will depend on where you live but pale colors are good anytime. For the floor, try the bamboo or sisal and for the windows, make them as simple as possible. Select furniture that will compliment other features in the room preferably wooden but still keep it tropical.