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Concrete is the most basic construction material

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

construction materialConcrete is one of the most vital materials for constructing a home or a building. In construction we use bricks and other things. But these materials are kept together with the help of concrete. There are different types of concrete available in the market. These types are priced at different rates according to different quality of the concrete. It is advisable to buy the best quality concrete for your building. This is necessary as concrete acts glue in your home.

Concrete is mixed well and making a mix of the concrete well is a must. The concrete mixing should be done by experts so that your concrete mix is good for construction. The materials used in making a good mix are wood, steel and chip stones. This makes the concrete stronger thus it helps in holding the building even better. So buy a better concrete to make sure that your construction holds well.

Varieties of metal carport kits

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Construction Material, carport kitsAre you planning to construct a new carport to protect your car? Well you don’t have to think much, as you can now use the metal carport kits to construct your all new carport. The kits come with detailed instruction and following that you can construct your carport within a day or two. You hardly need any specialized tools.

General household tools are sufficient enough to serve your purpose. This metal carport kits are normally made of aluminum or steel and are accompanied all the necessary things that you need to complete the construction. Depending on the type of carports you want, the metal kits are available in the market. Be sure about the purpose you want to be served and depending on that purchase the metal carport kit. You can get the kits in any shop or if you are not able to find that, you can always take help of the online shopping.

An overview on natural stones, one of the most reliable construction materials

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

One of the best construction materials for floors, bathrooms and countertops is the natural stone. It uplifts your home and makes it look really classy. Any quarried rock like slate, granite, limestone or marble is a Natural Stone. But Natural stone as a construction material has its set of pros and cons. While talking about the benefits, natural stones give immense durability. Anything created using the natural stone is a good long term investments because natural stone does not wear off so easily and does not even need regular repair or maintenance.

Natural stone is also very stain resistant and eco-friendly at the same time. You would not need any chemicals to clean the natural stone. However one of its major disadvantages is that it happens to be very expensive. The price varies according to the project, the kind of stone or cut required and the company that sells it.

Different construction material for different weather conditions

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Constructing a house does not seem an easy task and surely it is not. You have to consider many things even before planning to construct it. The basic question is that where it is being constructed, accordingly you would then know the climate of that place and therefore the construction materials to be used.

Generally stones, rocks and bricks should be used to build houses where the place is prone to floods, tsunamis and typhoons. The examples of old churches can be considered as they have been standing strong for decades now.  In tropical areas you should use a lot of hays, grass and natural leaves for the purpose of construction. This gives a coolness and beauty to your houses. They are supported by strong wood and concrete structures to provide the requisite strength.

But nowadays it is best to use concrete slabs, aluminium, steel and reinforcing bars. They are the strongest and cannot be broken or cut easily. They provide protection from all calamities and are suitable for mostly all weather conditions. So now before constructing you can at least be sanguine about what materials you should use.

New York- major portion based on swamps

Friday, June 25th, 2010

The city of New York lies in the extreme eastern flank of North America touched upon by the Atlantic Ocean. The Great Patterson Swamp stretching for 24 square kilometers is a major part of New York City. This creates the inland wetland scene so often manifest by the region. Somewhere in excess of 40000 people reside in the watershed. Ice pond in the swamp can be reached by a road largely made of filth.

Legend has it that there was a time a ledge at the centre of the swamp was utilized by fabricators to print duplicate currency notes. However it had been, New York treated its swamp as a water reservoir even as it let go of a land tilling opportunity if the swamp could be drained and converted into a cultivable land. Colloquially, children from the swamp part of New York were referred to as swamp rats.

Steel in US: wood in Japan

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Japan is at the seismic centre of the world. Because it is highly earthquake prone, it cannot build in steel and other alloys. Obviously, the danger of lives getting lost during earthquake is far greater when rubble of steel falls on you. With wood, chances of getting badly hurt are minimized. Moreover, Japan’s domestic wood produce is far greater than USA and thus its desire to mop up easily available raw material is only practical. Wood houses are built more quickly. The Japanese work force is more industrious as can be envisaged by their ability to master physical fitness techniques.

US on the other hand prefer tall skyscrapers, a tribute to architecture, all in washed or glitzy steel. Right from the foundation to the last lineament pillar to even the scaffolding, USA prefers its sublime building agent, steel. The fact, that steel is more readily available and that US is far from seismic power play helps its stand.

Timber Frame Buildings

Monday, April 26th, 2010

The most appealing feature of timber frame buildings is there simple design. In addition, the strength of a wooden beam can be compared to that of a steel joist. It is able to survive extreme weather conditions. Due to its nature of wooden frame, you are able to put glass expanses that provide high amount of light in building interior.

The person responsible for commissioning the building determines the sheer size structure. The building architecture will provide the craftsmen with the specification. When the timber arrives from the lumber supplier it doesn’t take a long time to put up the structure. It is fixed together with oak pegs and dowels. Due to environmental considerations of treading carefully on the ground, timber structures not only offer great design but also provide superb strength for the building. In addition, you can also make use of natural structures like straw bales for the building walls.

Choosing a Natural Looking Decomposed Granite Driveway

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


When you are designing your driveway you may want to consider designing that drive way using decomposed granite over concrete. It usually gives the driveway a natural look. The natural look however will depend mostly on the decomposed granite that you used. It is also known to last for years and requires minimum maintenance.

The pieces of decomposed granite are the size of sand. Large pieces will give more texture to your drive. However, the small piece provides a smooth surface. You should choose the best color that suits your drive way. You can use one color for the main part of the drive way and another color for the other portions. When you mix the decomposed granite with resins, it allows you to stabilize the drive way. The solid bed for the driveway should be dug up four inches thick to give optimum results.

Liquid Granite: Building Material of the Future

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Liquid granite is preferred over concrete for various reasons. It does not explode like concrete when exposed to high temperature. In addition, it had been known to be able to withstand high amounts of temperature for longer periods of time. In addition it mainly made up of recycled material. Liquid granite is so used less amount of cement than concrete.
The product is available from liquid granite limited and was developed at the Sheffield Hallam University. Organizations using granite have given it a four fire rating in case of a fire. Its versatility allows it to be used places where fire safety is paramount. This includes homes and commercial buildings. Liquid granite has received favorable interest from people in the building industry. It is made up of 30 to 70% of recycled materials. Liquid granite will go a great way in ensuring that our homes and buildings are much safer from fire.

Types of Steel Bars

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010


In general, steel bars are categorized into two. These include deformed and mild steel bars. The mild ones are mainly used to make slab beams that require reinforced cement concrete. They are usually plain and are available in round sections. These sections vary in diameter and can be between 6mm and 50mm. They are usually manufactured as long rods but they can be easily cut or bent without getting damaged.
The deformed type of steel bars usually has ribs, deformations or lugs on the surface. They are used to reduce slipping in concrete. The tensile stress on these bars is higher compared to the mild steel bards. End hooks are not necessary when you are using the deformed steel bars. They usually measure between 6mm and 50mm in diameter. Deformed steel bars are preferred because they limit cracks in reinforced concrete and thus are recommended for use in structural engineering.