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Grants for green construction

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Of late, the inclination towards eco friendly construction or green construction has increased quite a lot. To support this cause, billions are being given as federal grants nowadays. Now, you may wonder what a federal grant is all about. It is a financial aid given to support green construction from a Federal agency.

You will be surprised to know that around one thousand different grant programmes are offered by as many as twenty six agencies. Mostly the grants directed towards green constructions are provided by the Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S.

Quite a number of sources are available both at the national and state level, which provides funds for green construction. These grants can be in diverse forms, namely, tax benefits, monetary loans etc. Internet is a great source for locating these sources of financing. Do the necessary research and look up the internet to find genuine sources which will actually support the concept of green construction. Thus do your part in keeping the planet green and opt for green constructions.

Home Construction Grants

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Home Construction TipsIf you are planning to undertake a home improvement or new construction project, then the good news is that you will be able to claim a good amount of money in the form of home construction grants. These are available by way of private organizations and local government agencies which receive benefits from the tax incentives. Now, if you want to make an expansion in your home, update your home with energy efficient equipment or make payments for materials. Labor costs can also be handled by these grants alone.

The best thing about these home construction grants is that once you have obtained them, you do not need to pay them back. However, you should clearly review what these grants can be used for and for what they cannot be used, as there are some restrictions also attached with these grants. You can cheer up because most of the grant applications made do not need any credit check, collateral or down payment.