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Tips on modular home construction

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

modular home constructionModular home construction is the latest trend of construction in the modern world. You must be wondering why the world shifts to the modular construction? This is because there are several advantages of the modular construction compared to the traditional construction. Before you go through the pros of the modular construction, you should understand what modular construction actually it. Traditionally construction was done at the construction site itself step by step. But with the modular construction, the whole concept is changed. This is because the construction is done in a separate factory part by part. Once all the parts of the building are constructed in a separate factory, they are brought to the construction site of the building and assembled to form the whole building.

The major advantage of this is construction technology is that since they are made in a factory in a controlled environment, the construction is done at a relatively faster rate. Moreover since the whole construction procedure is carried out in a factory, there is no chance of construction materials being wasted due to environmental condition or due to theft. A lot of workers at a time can concentrate on a single construction. Also a number of construction equipments are present in the factory that lead to efficient construction. These equipments are not possible to be used in the construction site because carrying them is not at all easy.

Also if after a period of time, you don’t like the monotonous design of any part of your building you can change that part separately without the need of any other part of the building being demolished or renovated. But with traditional construction it is not at all possible and so renovating a building means renovating almost every part of the building and it is expensive as well.

All about cost effective installation of a conservatory

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Building a conservatory as an extension to your home’s beauty is a great idea for a contemporary look. There are many different styles of conservatory out there and you should choose the one, which goes with the feel of the house. If you plan to do it yourself, you can actually do it faster than you expect. It will not only save you time, but also a lot of money.

The base is the most crucial of all and this you can do yourself. Just make sure you buy the right kind of products and equipment. You can get these from hardware and carpentry stores or you can buy them online too. For the rest of it, talk to your builder, make a plan layout and settle the costs. There are many builders who give out a discount if the base is already built. You can even take tops from a constructor to know how to make the base yourself.

New York- major portion based on swamps

Friday, June 25th, 2010

The city of New York lies in the extreme eastern flank of North America touched upon by the Atlantic Ocean. The Great Patterson Swamp stretching for 24 square kilometers is a major part of New York City. This creates the inland wetland scene so often manifest by the region. Somewhere in excess of 40000 people reside in the watershed. Ice pond in the swamp can be reached by a road largely made of filth.

Legend has it that there was a time a ledge at the centre of the swamp was utilized by fabricators to print duplicate currency notes. However it had been, New York treated its swamp as a water reservoir even as it let go of a land tilling opportunity if the swamp could be drained and converted into a cultivable land. Colloquially, children from the swamp part of New York were referred to as swamp rats.

Steel in US: wood in Japan

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Japan is at the seismic centre of the world. Because it is highly earthquake prone, it cannot build in steel and other alloys. Obviously, the danger of lives getting lost during earthquake is far greater when rubble of steel falls on you. With wood, chances of getting badly hurt are minimized. Moreover, Japan’s domestic wood produce is far greater than USA and thus its desire to mop up easily available raw material is only practical. Wood houses are built more quickly. The Japanese work force is more industrious as can be envisaged by their ability to master physical fitness techniques.

US on the other hand prefer tall skyscrapers, a tribute to architecture, all in washed or glitzy steel. Right from the foundation to the last lineament pillar to even the scaffolding, USA prefers its sublime building agent, steel. The fact, that steel is more readily available and that US is far from seismic power play helps its stand.

Use of Steel Detailing Is Famous For Building Designs

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Using steel in structure detailing has become quite a popular concept. Steel is now not only a part of commercial edifice or an industrial property; it has also become a must for building houses. Steel is being used extensively for construction purposes because of its several advantageous properties. A steel building is stronger than a traditional building and to construct it you do not have to pay head and heels.

Some essential steel detail services include
• Appropriate bills of reporting materials
• Workable drawings for structures made of steel
• A foundation with column connection along with a base plate detailing
• Detailed steel member drawings
• Drawings regarding shop and fabrication
• Several layouts of sheet metal and detailing
Most steel buildings are pre-fabricated constructions and this adversely affects the value of the property regarding matters of taking loans or mortgages. Small steel building can be easily constructed, but the larger edifices require serious professional involvement.

Floor Plan Drafting Explained

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

This is among the services that a drafting firm will provide. Basically, drafting is the business of drawing. When we mention drafting technical drawing comes to mind. What is drawn in AEC is referred to as plans or blueprints. However, due to technology, drawings nowadays are being designed by CAD software’s. In that regard, the term blue print is no longer being used.

When we say floor plan drafting is the process of going to a structure and measuring the floor using a tape measure and a laser to mark out the distance. When using CAD software, you design the floor plan from the measurements that were collected. A floor plan is essential because it offers information about the square feet of the house. In addition, it is also useful when remodeling a room when you want to install new appliances. It includes the measurements for the door openings, bathroom fixtures and walls.

Basics on Installation and Painting Fascia Boards

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

It’s necessary to utilize fascia boards for humidity and moisture prevention to the houses roofline. However, in some cases the fascia boards are difficult to maintain when you don’t have the fundamental information on their installation. It not recommendable to use them as cap covers. This is because it makes the timber sweat and therefore lead to rotting.

When you screw fascia boards it may not be reliable as it leads to rotting of the entire roof. The efficient way of fascia installation is to remove all the damaged and rotten boards. To make the fascia more appealing it’s quite important to use than one color. It should be complimentary to the house color. Ensure that you paint the surface with primer and let it dry. Tape off the fascia boards and paint them and allow drying. Begin installing the boards.

Steps to Building a Castle

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

We often use the term that a man’s home is basically his castle. A castle may be a little old fashioned but when you have the money you can turn it to your home. It can be difficult task when you want to build a castle as each detail has to be planned accordingly. The first necessity is a huge piece of land for building the castle. The land should also be above sea level. In addition the land also needs to be flat for the construction to take place easily.

A castle should also be surrounded by impressive surrounding like lakes, mountain ranges and seascapes. Ensure that you don’t totally neglect modern conveniences in the process. Ensure that you also adhere to the local building regulations. Depending on the size of the castle, it’s important to involve a construction firm. Plumping and electricity should also be incorporated in the original blue prints.

Importance of Disaster-Resistant Technology

Sunday, March 28th, 2010


A lot of money is lost due to natural calamities and disasters. Hurricane and earthquake destroy thousands of buildings each year. Researchers are developing some hurricane disasters resistant fasteners. Material that is joined is pulled up over the head. Scientists have placed their research on enlarging the head.

Industry engineers have also used geometry to create the oversized heads. The flat screw shanks will fit in the grooves that are made from the nail rings. They circle the bottom of the nail. It reduces slipping in addition it is kept from slipping from the wood by deep rings. The hurricane nail as it is referred has been proven to give a structure more than two times the actual resistance. It also provides 50% resistance to an earthquake. Even though the hurricane nails can add more cost to your building need they can used on squeaky stairs and floors.

Hurricane Proof Buildings

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


The structure and general design of a building plays a major role in protecting a building from hurricane risks. Technology has brought various methods. It helps the building to withstand strong winds and flooding. The technology allows beach front buildings and other buildings to withstand 20 feet of ocean waves. The building is elevated using concrete, steel and wood.

The buildings walls are also built with sheet rock. It allows water and winds to pass through. It is also referred to as gutting. Modern technology has allowed wind loading for the buildings roofing. The building’s roof is anchored to the walls. Hurricane proof buildings also use earth sheltering technology where the earth’s is used against the walls to exert thermal mass. It reduces the heat therefore maintaining a safe haven in case of a hurricane. Concrete is also used for protecting buildings against pounding and flying debris. It is used together with reinforced metal.