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Construction tips for getting better air circulation at home

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

air circulation at homeIf you are building your new home make sure to follow a construction that can lead to proper air circulation inside. It’s needed to keep your home well ventilated all the time given that proper air circulation maintains a healthy ambience inside and also reduces your utility bills by a great extent. The post here discusses on construction tips for getting better circulation at home.

Windows are one of the most helpful means to achieve better air circulation at home. Install windows which are minimum 3.6 ft of height and help in easy movement of indoor air reducing heat burden on ceilings.

Make sure to position the windows on south and north areas to ensure best cross-ventilation. You have to keep the windows wide open everyday to let fresh air and sunlight come in. It’s also needed to have a balcony at home that would encourage a good air flow inside the home.


Basic tips for DIY air conditioning repair

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

If you know the basic working of a DIY air conditioner, you can save considerable amount of your time and money when the air conditioner gives you minor troubles which you can solve yourself. You need not be an expert to fix certain minor issues which will take hardly a few minutes of yours. One common problem which the DIY air conditioner might give is it may not cool the room efficiently. First you need to identify the problem and then use necessary tools to fix it.

Keep the condenser and the air conditioner unit free from accumulation of dust and debris to improve its performance. Sometimes the problem might turn out to be in the filter of the AC, so take it out and clean it thoroughly. Another portion which needs to be kept clean is the condenser vent. Following these basic cleaning processes may help you solve the problem faced.

Issues you might face with air duct system

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

An air duct system is an important requirement to keep your homes neat, clean and energy sufficient throughout the year. But there are some of major disadvantages in it. Regular servicing and maintenance of air duct system is quite a daunting task. Whenever the air duct system is leaking or is faulty the electricity bills cost more, Apart from this they have some health issues too, especially when they accumulate dust in damp areas.

The quality of air we breathe affects how we live. Many health problems occur inside home due to outside contamination from the outside pollen and dust. When problems like this occur, your air ducts might be the cause behind it. So cleaning your air-ducts is important. Air ducts can fill up dead insects and fungi that can trigger allergies. When air ducts are dirty they produce poor air quality. This in turn can affect how we breathe, function.

Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Construction, Air ConditionA lot of energy is used for air conditioning each year and with the concern over the environment and the need to lower bills, it is good to find ways to reduce the amount of energy spent.

One of the most effective ways is to get a new air conditioner to replace the one you have been using for many years. Get a model that is more efficient and this will help a great deal. Energy can also be saved by setting the thermostat to the highest degree that you can stand and turning off the air conditioning when it is not very hot. Keep your blinds and curtains closed when it is hot during the day and close the cooling vents and the doors in the rooms that are not in use.

Insulating your home can help to reduce the amount of energy you use for air conditioning.