Beveled glass replacement for your home

The process of the replacement of beveled glass is almost same as other different varieties of glass. THE beveled glasses are kept in place with the help of sling trip molding molting pieces all around the parametric area. The angle must be measured thoroughly for better fittings. This installment can be done with other shapes like oval too.
The several steps it includes in the procedure of replacement are:

1. Prying: the process of prying is all same for the oval shape too. Firstly put the tip of a knife under the curve at any place around the area of the meeting point of glass and wood.
2. Removing: this includes pushing the glass from the back side.
3. Preparing: this process includes fixing. Firstly cleaning and even gluing even when needed.
4. Installing: this is the final step which initially includes the process of float.

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