Beach properties- Are these durable?

A lot of properties are being raised along beach sides. Condominiums, duplexes, apartments on a timesharing basis are also finding its position of pre-eminence among buyers who desire to globe hop with the timesharing idea. If you take away the fear of inundation owing to a coastal catastrophe (read tsunami), there is not much reason to doubt the durability of a beach home. It just needs to be built with a specific concept. Beach homes are perennially hit by salty waves and water splashes (we can’t even assume how far they travel), thus they need to be built in adequately guarded raw materials.

Aerodynamics plays a very important part in building beach homes. The winds shall be offered greatest resistance by the homes. This is because there are typhoons and hurricanes to be countered and hence the design of the house shall be such that it offers a cul-de-sac to the wind from everywhere.

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