7 Eco Friendly Home Tips

Eco Friendly Home TipsOf late everyone has joined the bandwagon to go green, with the negative effects of global warming being on the rise. Accessorizing you home with eco friendly accessories will not only hike up the fashion quotient but also will help in lowering your electricity bills. The key here is research. Undertake a detailed research pertaining to green home improvement techniques. If you are interested in turning your home into an eco friendly space, if so, read on for further info.

1. Need based replacement: Before you start with your green project keep one essential in mind, only and only if you need the new item, buy it, don’t go on replacing things just because you are going green. The important thing to keep in mind is that the process is gradual and you don’t need to buy everything at once. Otherwise you will be left with a huge hole in your pocket.

2. Light bulbs: If saving on your electricity bill is your motive at the moment, no other product can work better than fluorescent bulbs. These are much more energy efficient and will burn less power, hence will lower your monthly electric bill.

3. DIY tips: A fine way of going green and saving big is by picking up a DIY green projects. Be it a terrace garden or a landfill in your backyard. Take up a DIY project in hand to go green.

4. Literally going green: Literally go green by planting trees in your backyard. You can also you decorative plants as a home décor accessory to hike up the green quotient in your home. Money plants and ivies are fantastic add-ons to you décor which can give your home the feel of a tropical spa if done up properly. You can also use bamboo shoots as a table centre piece.

5. Green Accessories: While buying décor items go completely organic and pick recycled items to compliment your agenda. For instance the fabric you purchase should be cent percent organic. Stick to recycles paper bags, recycled plastic items and items which are environment friendly. Lots of options among rugs and curtains are available in the market, which are organic.

6. Reflective Insulation: A great way to save up on you electricity bill, reflective insulation will keep your home warm utilizing natural sunlight. Say no to heaters and switch to reflective insulation

7. Save Water: last but not the least, saving water in your day today life is one of the best possible ways of going green. Keep a check on activities where water is most wasted like, don’t let the tap running while you aren’t using it.

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