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Hip Roofing

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Hip roof is a type of roofing, which shows a different image than that of other roofing methods. Hip roofing is such a type of roof which slides downward the house consist of a gentle slope. A hip roof is shaped like a pyramid. Hip roof is a rectangular roof having four equal sides with the same kind of slope. It is very much help full in high rainfall areas because of its four sides of sloppy roof the water gets accumulated easily and the problem of drainage does not arises. Hip roof is difficult to build as compared to other methods of roofing. Because as gabled roofing has only four direct sloppy sides but in hip roofing a square surface is prepared first at the top of the roof and supporting to it the equal sides of the roof are prepared. The installation of hip roofing is more expensive and time consuming.

Hip roofing is commonly seen in bungalows and cottages. It is wind, water, snow resistant. Not only of a particular structure but hip roofing is also designed in different structures according to the client’s requirements. Hip roofing is comparatively more efficient for obstructing the heavy windy climate. It is considered as the most durable roofing method. No doubt its installation charges are more but if the owner of the house wants their house to be perfect and well maintained than they will place the hipped roofing method considering as a one time investment.

Hip roofing provides more of ventilation areas in the house. It also provides with the additions that if further the owner wants to change any aspect in it than he can make changes according to his preference. For high wind areas and strong stormy regions, hip roofing is the best recommended roofing method. Hip roofing has more complex structure to design so more of labor and material is used in building it.

Proper maintenance must be taken of the roofing to avoid high ware and tear. A proper measuring must be done by the contractor for building the hip roofing that how much material will be used, what materials will be used, costing of the materials so that it helps the contractor to estimate the time and the amount of constructing the hip roofing. Hip roofing does not require any support of external element because it is self bracing. There are more possibilities of water leaks as compared to gable roofing. Hip roofing is frequently used by the modern architectures for constructing the perfect look of roofing for the people.

The common types of hipped roofing are:

  1. Pyramid hip roof

Pyramid hip roof is a roof style which has four equal sides connected to the edges of the house. Other word used for pyramid hip roofing is pavilion hipped roof. This type of roofing is typically seen on small bungalows and houses.


  1. Cross hipped roof

The cross hipped roofing has very interesting structure. It intersects at two hip sections. Cross hipped roofing is used in the houses which has complex structures and has many intersection points in their roof.


  1. Half hipped Roof

A half hip roof is the combination of both gable roofing and hip roofing. Half hip roofing has its two sides shortened at the edges.