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Advantages of Green Roofs

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Green roof is a very essential concept. It is advantageous to many in varied ways. Here are some of the advantages of green roofs.

Life span of roof increases

Roof is such a place which is in direct contact of the sunlight. Thus roof is directly affected by the ultraviolet rays and temperature change. The roof is affected by high thermal fluctuations on its upper layer and in extreme circumstances; it can range from 50C to 100C. Green roofs were originally created in Germany during 1880s when it was very difficult to cover bitumen with sand to protect it from fire. And thus concept of green roof came into existence. It saves the roof from sun and extends the life of roof. It expands the life of waterproofing layer under the green roof by creating a barrier which saves the waterproofing from damage.

  • Reduce use of energy

Green roofs are very energy efficient. Green roofs are proved to act positively on the energy consumption of the building by improvising the roofs thermal performance. Those roofs which are not properly insulated leads to overheating of the roof and house during summers. On a contrary during winters it gets badly cool requiring you to install various heating devices. Going for green roof saves you from both overheating and over cooling. The use of artificial gadgets for cooling and heating is reduced by installing green roof in the house. Those gravel roofs which are unvegetated are almost 21c more heated as compared to vegetated roofs. Planted roofs have low temperature and are comparatively cooler as compared to unplanted roofs.

  • Increase biodiversity and wildlife

It is not possible to directly replace the ground based habitats by installing green roofs. It is also neither a part of ground level green corridor. Green roofs can be taken in a way of stepping stones for wildlife and if thoroughly thought it can house a variety of flora and fauna on the traditional green roofs. The type of green roof decides the type of species depending upon the plant life and substrate they carry. Those roofs which are formed to imitate specified number of plants or animals are considered as bio diverse roofs. The design and plan of green roofs should be designed according to the regionality to meet up with the local biodiversity needs.

  • Improving air and water quality

Air quality can be improved by planting more in the city. Thus green roofs are such a beautiful way to improve air quality. Green roof reduces the level of air polluting particles and compounds and cleans the air. We all are aware of the fact that plants inhale carbon dioxide and gives up oxygen in the air. Similarly green roof decreases the heat island effect which is the actual cause of ozone production. Green roof removes airborne particles, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. Green roof absorbs these particles and thus it does not spread in the water saving the water from deterioration. A single green roof is not much effective but an area of a city that too big enough area can affect the air quality at an great extent.