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Modern Home Windows

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Windows are an essential part of a house. They can be installed in different ways and for different purposes. The main purpose of a window is air circulation inside the house. Today there are various materials which are used to make windows. However wood is always preferable when it comes to making windows. One of the main reasons why wood is preferred over other materials is because it can be carved and given any shape which you want. The modern home windows can be categorized into different types.

• Sash windows– they are the most common windows that you will see in the modern times. The cost of installing sash windows is affordable and they are available in several types such as sliding windows, triple hung sash, double hung sash and single hung sash.
• Tilt and side– this is one of the most popular type of windows that can be seen nowadays. This style has reached in almost all the countries and the best part is they are not too expensive to install. With this type of window you will be able to tilt and slide the window at the same time. It is best for drawing rooms and kitchens.
• Casement window– this is basically a side hung kind of window. They are better known as hopper and awning windows.
• Skylight– this type of window is flat in shape or in some cases they are sloped. They are mainly used for skylight purposes. Homes that have solar cells have been seen to use this type of window.
• Painted and coated- this type of windows are especially made in the countries where the temperature is high. The windows are coated or painted in order to reduce the heat radiated from the sun. The big windows in the churches are best examples of this kind of windows.