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How To Remove Old Door Frame

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Home values are up when the front door looks good. Hence it is essential to have a good looking well polished front door. If you think your door has been in one frame for a long time, removing it from that is not a difficult work. You can do it manually too. To remove the door from the frame, all you need to do is unscrew the hinges from the frame. Once that is done, slowly take out the door from the frame itself. You must make sure that the edges are not damaged. You can preserve the old door if you wish to, for use in the future.

Most modern doors hang on a frame through hinges, i.e. they are pre hung. These pre hung doors are most suitable when an old frame needs replacement. Even when there is a need to enlarge the door opening, which also requires the frame to be replaced, pre hung doors are suitable.

In the process of replacing old doors, the frame might be fine, but the wall studs which has the door nailed on it can bow easily and make the door settle out of square. This may cause problems in opening and closing the door. Trimming the hedges or making the top and bottom of the frame plane so that the door hangs properly takes care of this problem. But the problem still persists in case of metal and fiberglass doors because they cannot be planned.

You can go for replacement kits to avoid these complications. These kits provide you with a door that comes along with its own small steel frame which can attach to the existing frame. This gives you benefits such as increased security because of the steel frame and also much easier installation. These kits are only available in a limited number of sizes though, and may also cause a reduction of the opening of the original door. Of course these kits cannot be installed on rotting frames, you have to replace the entire frame in such a case.