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How to Save Money on Construction?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Be it building a new house or renovation of the existing one, it is pleasant to cut back on the expenses in any construction projects. Expenditures can be high now, since getting a loan for construction is not easy after the housing bubble burst in United States in 2007. You can save by starting your construction projects in slow time or off season which is mainly during winters. Quotes from different contractors must be taken into consideration to give an idea of the price range to prevent overpaying. During the discussion with your contractor over the construction schedule and break down of all costs, it is very important to question and clear anything that you do not understand because the contractor may assume a lot of things that you don’t want. Suppose you do not want crown molding in your renovated space, then u can save hundreds of dollars by striking it off your list. In construction, more square footage means more money. By cutting down a few square feet you can save quite a bit and it will in turn bring down your cost of cooling or heating the extra space

You can also take up parts of the project and do it yourself, but this involves extra work load for you. Contractors make an average of $18 to $25 per hour, which can be saved. To know what your skills are is also important. Certain things like fixing the toilet is difficult and plumbing mistakes, like leaks in water pipes can be even more expensive to fix. Items like fixtures, door knobs, and cabinets have less expensive alternatives than suggested by your contractor. For renovating or building a kitchen cheaper counter tops are available. You can also look for reclaimed materials like shelves and fixtures to use for your house at deep discounts. Looking for alternative energy options in your construction can be helpful like a solar water heater, solar panels, and a home wind turbine.

Important Repairs And Improvements To Do Before Your Home Is Sold

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

house repairOnce you buy a house and start living it, you will notice that you will efficiently undertake various home improvements and repair works in your house, so that your house remains in a good condition always. On the other hand, if you want to sell your house then you might not take interest in any home improvements or repair works. But this should not be the case. Here are certain home improvements and repairs that you must take care of, so that the value of your home increases in the real estate market.

Before a buyer comes to your house, make sure that it is clean, organized and clutter-free. De-personalize your home by packing up your personal items, valuables and so on. The closets, cabinets, cupboards etc should be dirt-free. Kitchen and bathroom should also be spotless. If you have a garden then ensure that is has been mowed recently. The porch of your home should be spick and span. Buyers will be interested in homes where they can move in quickly without worrying about the repairs and improvement works. Thus if anything is broken in your house like the door knobs, tables, chairs etc then you must get it fixed.

The plumbing system and the HVAC system in your home should be functioning effectively. Any repairs needed in these systems must be dealt with immediately. You can get your house painted so that it looks new, fresh and updated. The flooring of your home can be also be transformed so that the overall look of your home is enhanced. You must make it a point to de-odorize your home so that buyer feels comfortable when he/she visits your home. The windows and roof in your house must also be repaired and improved. The house you are selling must be staged so that it can be sold off quickly.

Tips to detect mold damage in bathroom

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

mold damage in bathroomMold attacks in the bathrooms lead to severe consequences. A mold-spread bathroom not only looks unsightly it’s even harmful for the health of your family. Mold causes severe respiratory problems and has been the cause of allergies in many cases. These strive on moisture and as bathrooms encounter frequent splashes, a mold attack is common here. There are various signs that can reveal mold invasion in your bathroom. Here are some tips that will help you to identify mold presence in your washroom so that you can call up a professional mold removal service on time.

Look at humid corners

Humidity is the most conducive environment for mold growth. So, you have to keep check on the damp dark corners in your bathroom. The prime locations here would be corners of showers and tubs, area below the sink, windowsills, caulking & shower curtains. Bathroom mold is usually identified by muddy, damp appearance with colors ranging from white, green, orange, pink and black.

Count on unpleasant smell

You have to count on your olfactory senses to detect mold attack in your bathroom. Molds give out a sour or musty smell and if you are getting any such feel the moment you enter the bathroom- there is sure-shot mold invasion. Mold is usually characterized by earthly smell that comes from decomposition of wooden surfaces by the mold. If you are not finding any visual evidence but getting a continuous unpleasant smell whenever you are in the bathroom, it’s the most confirming evidence of mold invasion.

Check bathroom floors

You must keep check on the bathroom floor to detect mold attack. If there is a mold attack in the bathroom, your tiles will display a muddy appearance or get spongy. Muddy floors signify black mold attack in the bathroom.

As soon as you find out mold presence in the bathroom do not delay in calling for a professional assistance.