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Tips on modular home construction

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

modular home constructionModular home construction is the latest trend of construction in the modern world. You must be wondering why the world shifts to the modular construction? This is because there are several advantages of the modular construction compared to the traditional construction. Before you go through the pros of the modular construction, you should understand what modular construction actually it. Traditionally construction was done at the construction site itself step by step. But with the modular construction, the whole concept is changed. This is because the construction is done in a separate factory part by part. Once all the parts of the building are constructed in a separate factory, they are brought to the construction site of the building and assembled to form the whole building.

The major advantage of this is construction technology is that since they are made in a factory in a controlled environment, the construction is done at a relatively faster rate. Moreover since the whole construction procedure is carried out in a factory, there is no chance of construction materials being wasted due to environmental condition or due to theft. A lot of workers at a time can concentrate on a single construction. Also a number of construction equipments are present in the factory that lead to efficient construction. These equipments are not possible to be used in the construction site because carrying them is not at all easy.

Also if after a period of time, you don’t like the monotonous design of any part of your building you can change that part separately without the need of any other part of the building being demolished or renovated. But with traditional construction it is not at all possible and so renovating a building means renovating almost every part of the building and it is expensive as well.

Looking for the right architect?

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

right architectAre you planning your new home off late and looking for the right architect? Your home is certainly one of your most treasured dreams and the architect is the one who can get the right shape for your dream- hence you have to be very careful while choosing the right architect for new home. The article here is a short brief on how pick up a suitable architect.

Search around

You have to take up a market study here prior to finalizing your architect. Pick 4-5 potential architects around and study them thoroughly. Check out for their credentials, experience, previous work samples and the customer testimonials. Your chosen one has to be one of the most reputed names in the market backed by a great host of highly satisfied client base. He should be a licensed and certified professional, armed with a credible degree in architecture from esteemed universities as well as solid professional experience. Building up a home is a complex affair involving several complexities and intricacies- a seasoned architect is well aware of all complications of construction and hence would be able to guide you effectively.

Service approach

A trusted architect must be attentive enough to your specific aspirations regarding the new home so that he can build up a plan accordingly. He should be easy to talk to and detail you about his entire construction plan prior to starting out with the building process.

Deadline & regulations compliance

Make sure the architect you are going for holds reputation for a timely service. He should be sincere about the local construction regulations as well.

Written agreement

There should always be a written agreement between you & your architect to ensure a healthy client-architect relationship. The agreement must be made according to the format recommended by Board of Architects.