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How to seal a concrete driveway

Friday, February 17th, 2012

The concrete driveway is one of the most high traffic areas for your house and it should be sealed properly to maintain its durability and beauty. Here are the steps on how to seal your concrete driveway. First of all the fresh concrete must not be sealed and you have to keep it dry for at least a month. Now, the driveway should also be kept clean and tidy. So, broom off all the loose debris from your driveway and don’t forget to remove the grease and oil stains with pressure washer. After the entire cleaning, let the path dry for a day at least. Now, it’s time to apply the sealer. You can use either a brush or roller for the sealing application but however the roller would be faster and garden sprayer is even quicker. Apply the sealer till a whitish tint appears and make it even before drying. The application must not be made in rainy season and after the spraying is over, leave the place undisturbed for the coming 24 hours.