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Do up your kitchen with custom cabinets

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Why go for custom cabinets for your kitchen? Everyone’s home is not of the same size. Every one’s taste and requirements are not the same. Then why settle for something that does not meet your needs? The size of your kitchen may vary from that of others, your requirement for storage may be more or less then someone else’s. Therefore you can get customized cabinets for your kitchen to suit your own specific needs.

From the size of the cabinets, to the color, you can get it all according to your wish. These companies that design customized cabinets talk to different customers and home makers at length and come up with innovative designs and ideas, influenced by the need of different kitchens. You can also design and order your own cabinet. These cabinets are a great way to do up your kitchen as they give a personalized and special look along with its conveniences.

A beginner’s guide to wall painting

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

To paint your walls you first need to prepare the walls so that the products stay on the wall. Apply a painter’s tape to the edge of the walls. If you are painting the interior walls then cover the floor with drop cloths so that your floor is protected. The paint will drip while painting the walls. You need to cover the floor to prevent any damage.

You need to first apply wall primer. You can use oil based primer for interior walls. Use appropriate brushes for applying the primer and the paints. Use roller brushes attached to a roller frame. Once you have applied the primer you need to allow the primer to dry for sometime.

Use paint thinner to clean the paint brushes. Fill a big bucket with the paint. Follow the instructions given on the paint container. Use the paint brushes to colour the walls. Allow your walls to dry overnight.

Importance of insulation of garage doors

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Most people nowadays are not concerned about maintenance and care, as far as their abode or home is concerned. The most neglected part of your house is garage doors. Often these are exposed harsh climatic changes, excessive dust, and other natural elements, which take a toll on its longevity. So, garage doors require special care. Selecting the perfect material for the door is an important decision. Also, insulating it is an economical way to ensure its long life.

Insulation can help prevent any kind of environmental damage on your garage doors. It also does not allow external effluents making an entry in your home, thereby safeguarding the well being of people living inside. But insulation is not the easiest to achieve. Small gaps and crevices may appear with passage of time. So, regular observation becomes a must. Also, applying secondary layers of insulation is an effective solution to keep your garage door safe from corrosion and erosion.

DIY tips to fix your bathroom door

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Bathroom is the most important and the most risky place of the home. It is a place where most of the accidents occur. People slip and fall easily in bathroom due to the wet slippery floors. The door of a bathroom is a very vital point which requires lot of attention.

The bathroom door is the most used door and also the door which gets wet easily. Thus, in order to prevent the door from getting ruined you should keep a check that the door does not get wet. The door should be easily unlocked from both the sides. If the door cannot be easily unlocked, then it will not allow you to provide the medical assistance required in time of any accident.

The bathroom door needs a lot of care as the door should be clean. You should always make sure that no fungus type substance appears on the door. A good quality muriatic acid and toilet cleaners must be used to clean the door at least once a week. So if the door looks dirty, it disturbs the beauty of the home.