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A guide to repairing wooden furniture on your own

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

There are many easy ways to repair your furniture on your own. Right from smaller scratches to bigger bruises, you can deal with anything related to wooden furniture by following the steps below.

Buy Wooden Polishes which you can apply on the surface of the wooden furniture. These polishes will cover the scratches and fill them. Moreover they will give a shiny look to your furniture. So, you will get furniture which looks as good as new.

But large wood missing can’t be covered with these polishes. In those cases, you will have to buy wood and sand fillings and place them in the areas which need to be filled using a gouge. Then you should smooth the excess area using sand paper. Later, you should apply wood paints to cover the repair. You can bet that no one will ever find that your furniture was once broken!

Best way to choose a construction contractor

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Construction is one of the toughest jobs on the street as it involves innovation, calculative approach, keen observation and loads of experience. Not everybody can be a good constructor, especially when it comes to building massive towers, houses and skyscrapers. So, when you are building the best, you need the best pair of hands.

When you get on the street to choose a contractor, always aim for the one with maximum exposure and resources, which are necessary to get the project done in an effective manner. Look into the completed projects of a constructor first to understand their scope and skill-set. A well-known contractor with a good history is always the one to go with. One should not negotiate or compromise on the budget while dealing with the best.

A good constructor should be able to provide you with the maximum number of options and ways to build the project. It’s always wise to go with the best.

Mending cracks on your walls by yourself

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Are you fretting over the cracks on the walls of your beautiful home? It indeed is an ugly sight that can ruin your home décor and give you a stressful time. But you needn’t worry anymore. You can mend the wall cracks yourself by spending little money and effort.

Firstly, determine the type of wall, plaster or drywall and the size of the crack to be repaired. If the crack is large, you must clean up the debris within using a knife. You can even use a vacuum to remove all dust and dirt. Then, fill up the crack with spackling putty or joint compound using a putty knife. After you fill up the hole perfectly, apply some putty on the wall to make it even with the rest of the surface.

Flatten the wall surface and smoothen it by rubbing sandpaper over it. Once the area is completely smooth then paint the specific area with the color on the wall.

All about wooden walls

Friday, October 29th, 2010

There is something about wood that will always keep it in fashion. A house which uses wood as a dominant factor will always look in style. Wood can make an everlasting impression and has the quality to always stay in style. A room with wooden walls always has a touch of aristocracy.

There is another big advantage of building your walls with wood. Wood being a bad conductor of heat can keep the interiors quite warm. Places which are extremely cold generally have houses which are well insulated with wooden walls.  Most of the houses which do not have wooden walls substitute with an addition of a wooden panel.

Although it seems a bit difficult to take care of the wooden walls they are not much big of a deal in case you know exactly how to take the right care. Use a soft duster to remove the dust from the walls. In case you need to clean any tough stain, then it is a good idea to use mineral spirit. If maintained well they look quite good.

How to build a house in an eco-friendly manner

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Are you planning to build your own house? You also should be concerned about how to make it environment friendly. Try earth bag building. It is an age old technique to build houses which can face harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, tornados and even us resistant to fires and insects or pest attacks.

Making the main building out of earth and mud is a cost effective, easy and efficient way to build a home which is eco friendly. You can give your home and shape or structure you like. For the pole frames, you can use just the barks of the trees instead of actually suing the whole tree wood. This way, you can save a life as the bark would grow again and you too and go along with your framework.

For the flooring, use tampered earth flooring. They are cheap and they dry fast too. For the walls, use earth plaster. They are cheap and also need very low maintenance.