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Types of Marble Tiles

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Marble has been used for constructions since time immemorial. It not only looks elegant with the variety of designs and colors but is also pretty durable. The first type of marble tiles would be the glazed type. They have a supremely polished surface which is why they can easily resist water based stains. They show scratches very easily. They look very elegant and shines almost like a mirror. These tiles do not even need a wax finish.

The second type of marble tiles is known as honed tiles or more commonly unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles are not very highly polished giving out a matt look. These tiles are scratch resistant and therefore good for areas with higher footfalls (in case of flooring).They can not resist water stains as well as glazed marbles and will need a wax polish for the function. Finally we have the tumbled type where the marble has been tumbled with aggregate and sand. Tiles are chipped and rounded and therefore add an old world charm to your room. Decide on the kind of look you want and then make your choice!

Why choose granite over flashy accessories

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

It is wrongly believed by many that granite with its ‘not in’ look and high installation charges are not a good choice for home décor. They instead go for flashy accessories like wrought iron. What they do not realize is that these flashy accessories are not very durable and hence becomes quite a hassle. In fact, once you have invested on granite décor, you will not need to invest much anymore on care and maintenance. Since granite is a natural material which has undergone many phases of evolution, it is hard and durable. This means that they are obviously long lasting! It is not easy to scar granite as it is heat resistant and scratch resistant.

Even if you do get a scratch, repairing it is quite easy. Another plus point is that it is less costly compared to the other natural stones. As for the aesthetic value, nowadays granite comes in different colours and various designs. Moreover symbolizing wealth, granite has a classic touch to it.

Tips on how to build a staircase

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Staircase building techniques have remained unchanged over years. There are certain stringent norms that need to be followed while building a staircase. It must be ensured that there is a headspace of at least six feet, eight inches. An angle of inclination between 35 degrees to 40 degrees needs to be maintained to make it convenient for one to climb up the stairs. If the angle exceeds 40 degrees, the staircase becomes too steep to be climbed.

A depth between 10 inches to 11 and half inches and a width of 3 inches needs to be kept. Before cutting a stair, the dimensions need to be measured quite a few times to ensure no mistakes. A staircase should not be made of any slippery object and no water source should be made around the staircase. Clear space of 3 feet must be kept at both the ends of the staircase to ensure free mobility.

Lighting for your bathroom

Monday, August 9th, 2010

There are several needs that your bathroom fulfills, for example, make-up application in the mirror, baths and more. So lighting for your bathroom should involve taking care of several needs.

Task lighting is the kind of lighting you will need to accomplish the specific tasks at hand while you are in the bathroom. For example, application of make-up will require lights around your vanity. These lights are switched on only when they are required. They are not to cast shadows, and mostly vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror do the deal.

The basic lighting of your bathroom is something you can take care of yourself – but the rest of the lighting of your bathroom involves lighting of the decoratives, ambience, vanity and recessed lighting, to give your bathroom the glamorous look. You can use chandeliers, low-watt bulbs, wall-sconces and more to help you accomplish the decoration of your bathroom.

Marble flooring: an elegant choice

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

You want to get the most perfect flooring for your house and surely you will get a lot of variety that might actually confuse you in making your final choice. So to avoid all this confusion and problems prioritize your options and pay attention to some basic requirements.  If however you are looking for elegant flooring options, and then the answer to this is marble flooring. You will get marvellous results.

Marble flooring requires little maintenance and they are easy to clean. Most importantly, the variety available to you helps you to create different patterns and ambience with your selection in different rooms of your house, although you are using the same material for flooring- marble. Such are the advantages of getting marble flooring done. Apart from the elegance factor, marble flooring also adds a classy look to your house. Some varieties to mention are hang grey marble, Nero marquina and gold beige marble. So go ahead for the most perfect marble flooring.

All about environment friendly construction material

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

With the unfavourable outcomes of environmental degradation rising uncontrollably, the inclination towards going green has become quite popular. This preference towards building a sustainable environment hasn’t left the construction business untouched either.

Contemporary and reputed construction agencies show more keenness nowadays towards eco friendly construction materials to do their part in building a greener plant. You will be amazed to know that every part of your house including your floors, walls, counter tops, cupboards and even your wall paints can be given a touch of green thanks to the modern eco-friendly building materials.

Instead of using chemical paints for you walls you can now go for the natural alternatives using plant extracts to paint your walls. You do not need to fret about messing up your walls, as these natural colours have similar outcomes like the regular paints. For your walls and floor, you can go for recycled and eco friendly materials like cork, recycled glass and tiles, natural stones, bamboo etc. Besides these construction materials you can go green whilst decorating your house too using eco- friendly rugs, carpets, etc.